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Why do you want to work for us?

Common interview question - Why do you want to work for us? Why do you want to work for us? This one of the most common interview questions a candidate can be asked. It will often be asked across all types of interview, private sector and public sector interviews and...

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Video Interviews -10 Key Video Interview Tips

Video interviews are now commonly used as the initial part of the selection process for students and graduates applying for internships, placement and graduate jobs. Additionally, they are being introduced in Civil Service Interviews. Video interviews, commonly...

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Preparing for a competency based interview

It is widely known that today most interviews are 'competency based'  - but what does this really mean? Essentially the interview is based on the idea that your past behaviours and experiences are the best indicators of your future performance. This past experience...

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How to dress for an interview

If this is a role you are familiar with consider what you normally wear at work, then smarten up your look by one or two notches. For example: if you are a software engineer you might normally go to work in jeans and a smart shirt. However, at an interview, the jeans...

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How to prepare for interview questions

1. Prepare answers to possible interview questions Interview preparation is the best way to dispel interview nerves and to improve your chance of being offered the job. Draw up a list of typical interview questions which challenge every claim you have made on your CV....

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