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Video Interviews 

Do you need help with video interviews? Interview Skills Clinic are expert coaches helping clients succeed in a video interview. Video interviews can very varied depending on the role and organisation, we can help you prepare for a leadership, competency, strength, value or blended interview. During the Covid pandemic, we have seen an increase in the use of video interviews at every stage in the recruitment process and they are so cost-effective it is likely that most organisations will continue with video interviews. There are two main types of video interview:

  • Live video interview on MS Teams, Zoom or Skype
  • Pre-recorded video interview with pre-recorded interview questions. You answer talking directly to the webcam for a set duration and your answer is recorded using the interview platform.

We successful helped clients succed in video interviews for a wide range of organisations such as:

  • Amazon, even with first stage interviews remember to prepare examples based around their leadership principles. At the final stage, you are likely to have five forty-five min video interviews each based on two leadership principles.
  • Google,
  • Earnst & Young,  EY generally carry out value based interviews, rather than competency questions.
  • PwC, roles at PwC are highly sought after so expect multiple video interviews, with a range of competency, technical and motivational questions.
  • John Lewis, like many organisations John Lewis has had to move across to video interviews. Essentially, they take a competency based approach.
  • NHS, the NHS run value based interviews with some competency based questions.
  • The Bank of England, they tend to take blended approach with technical, motivational and competency questions. Be prepared for a tough first video interview which some tricky questions which are difficult to prepare for. For example:  Discuss what a cashless society would look like and how The Bank of England plays a role?
  • Aldi, expect multiple video interviews at Aldi, normally starting initially with a pre-recorded video interview.
  • Netword Rail, Network rail run competency interviews for all their video interviews.
  • Virgin Media, most interviews at Virgin Media take a blended interview style, with technical, competency, motivational and competency.
  • Open Reach
  • Tesco
  • Civil Service and Civil Service Fast Stream, the Civil Service often us Strength based interview questions for the first pre-recorded video interview and then Success Profiles for the second video interview.

How To Prepare For Video Interviews

We recommend that all our clients send us the job specification and details of the video interview so that one of our coaches can send you some preparation to do prior to the coaching session. Depending on your style of video interview we will send you some of answer frameworks to help you prepare and some interview questions before or after your mock interview. Depending on the complexity of the interview and style we will recommend the number of coaching sessions needed. Most clients, will have 2-3 one hour coaching sessions. However, this is not always needed and some pre-recorded video interviews are very short and only asked 4-6 questions, in which case we will split an hour coaching session into two thirty minute sessions.

Practise Video Interviews

It is essential to practise for a video interview. If you haven’t had one before it can be very distracting to talk directly to a webcam and to see yourself on the screen. If you are having pre-recorded video interview it is important to practise ansering questions within a set time-frame. Most companies allow for between 2-3 minutes, with 20-30 seconds thinking time. Some clients choose a mock interview so that they can practise this style of interview and feel more confident. We video record all online coaching sessions so you can play it back, practise further and see how well you are coming across.

Video Interview Tips

How you set yourself up for a video interview can impact on how you come across so spend some time getting the technology right:

  1. Room and background – Ensure you carry out the video interview in a quiet room with an uncluttered background behind you. On most online platforms like MS Teams you can blur the image behind yourself.
  2. Lighting – Sit with the window in front of you, not behind you otherwise you will be seen in silhoutte. Try adding some front light to lighten your face.
  3. Wifi connection – Always test the wifi connection beforehand and if necessary buy an Ethernet adapter or cable to have a stronger and faster connection.
  4. Camera – You will not need a separate camera for a video interview as you will be using your webcam. Some devices have integrated webcams at the bottom of the screen which is not a flattering camera angle. Instead, we recommend that you buy a webcam that can positioned at the top of the screen.
  5. Check and test  – Always test all equipment before starting a video interview. If it is live interview agree a reconnection plan at the start of the interview. If you are having a pre-recorded video interview ensure you have the recruiter’s email and telephone number just in case you have technical problems.

Video Interview Questions

A live video interview will have the same interview questions as an interview face-to-face. The interview questions will depend on the job specification and the essential and desirable criteria outlined in the job description. Before a preparation coaching session, one of our coaches will send you preparation to do before the coaching session and we will send you the interview questions we think are most likely to come up in the interview.  Additionally, the questions will depend on the style of interview you are having. For example, a competency, strength or value based interview. If you have been invited to a pre-recorded video interview then it is likely that the inteview will be very short with just 4-6 questions. Most questions are assessing your motivation and interest in the role. For example:

  • Tell me about yourslef and what you could bring to the role?
  • Tell me three reasons you want this role and what would put off accepting it?
  • What do you know about our 2021 vision and what impact will it have on how we work and communicate?
  • What’s the most difficult decision you had to make?
  • When have you faced conflict in a team?
  • Tell me about a time someone had a very different perspective to yourself, how did you influence them?

Proven Success

Transform your interview result. We have an 80% success rate across all our interviews. Over 500 clients have added reviews to our website directly.  Read Reviews.

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For video interviews we recommend coaching by  Zoom, MS Teams or Skype with video recording as this will give you the best practise for the type of interview you have.


We are a team of 4 coaches, Elizabeth Conley founder of Interview Skills Clinic, Matt Eastlake, Jane Gill and Chista Kermani.

Coaching Fees

Most clients preparing for an apprenticeship interview will need the equivalent of two one hour coaching sessions. For school leavers, we sometimes find shorter half-hour coaching sessions work best. We discount multiple 1 hour sessions to £130 +vat and will split coaching for 16 years olds to multiple half hour sessions.


Why Interview Skills Clinic

  • Interview Skills Clinic was set up in 2014 and have built up an excellen interview coaching reputation
  • We are friendly and care that our clients succeed
  • We have a proven track record with over 500 reviews on our website and an 85% success rate
  • We are experts in interviews, whether you interview is blended, competency, strength or value based. Contact us to discuss your interview and see how we can help.
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