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Interview Skills Clinic has sucesfully been coaching students and graduates to succeed at interviews for over 10 years:

Expert Interview Coach

Elizabeth Conley is a leading Senior Interview Coach. She set up Interview Skills in 2013 and has helps hundreds of students succeed in internship, placement and graduate interviews. Proven coaching programme to help you standout from the tough competition.


55 bite-sized step-by-step videos with coaching resources to help you prepare for interviews. We know people learn in different ways. Train at a pace which suits you. This online course is based on Interview Skills Clinic six hour graduate coaching programme but at a fraction of the cost. On-going support


Learn how to successfully prepare and answer different styles of questions: Competency, Value-Based, Strength-based Situational & common interview questions used by leading organisations ie The Big 4, Google, Amazon & Unilever. Succeed at telephone, pre-recorded video interviews and live Interviews.

Placements, Internships, Graduate Jobs

Watch 55 Step-by-Step Interview Preparation Videos

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Key Benefits

Succeed at interviews. Get the internship, placement and job you want. 

55 ‘bit-sized’ step-by step videos to help your prepare – 3.5 hours of training.

Prepare immediately for an urgent interview.

Access training from anywhere, on any device and playback the training.

Training for telephone, pre-recorded video, one-one and assessment day interviews.

Learn how to answer motivational, competency, value and strength-based interview questions.

Relevant across all sectors and roles eg, NHS, the Big 4 Accounting organisations, Amazon & Goldman Sachs.

Multiple mock interviews for you to practice.

Watch other candidates answer typical interview questions. 

Multiple mock interviews for you to practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Welcome – Interview Coaching For Students & Graduates
Module 1 - Understanding Interviews
  • 1-2 Typical Application Process
  • 1-3 Three C’s For Interview Success
  • 1-4 Behaviour Competency Interviews
  • 1-5a Strength-based Interviews
  • 1-5b Update Strength-based Interviews
  • 1-6 Why Corporate Values Matter
  • 1-7 How To Write Your CV
  • 1-8a How To Practice For Online Tests
  • 1-8b Use Feedback To Improve Online Test Results
Module 2 - Understanding Assessment With Questions and Answers
  • Module 2 – Understanding Assessment With Questions & Answers
  • 2-2a How To Prepare STAR Answer For Competency Interviews
  • 2-2b Candidate Demonstrates Answering Using The STAR
  • 2-3 How To Answer Strength-based Questions & Candidates Demo
  • 2-4 Competency Behaviour Framework
  • 2-5 How To Answer Coping Under Pressure Questions
  • 2-6 How To Answer Teamworking Questions
  • 2-7 How To Answer Communicating Questions
  • 2-8 How To Answer Decision Making Questions
  • 2-9. How To Answer Building Relationships Questions
  • 2-10 Summary
Module 3 - Preparing For Your Interview With Questions & Answers
  • Module 3 – How To Prepare For Your Interview
  • 3-2 ‘Tell Me About Yourself?’
  • 3-3 How To Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself?
  • 3-4 How To Prepare For Motivational Questions
  • 3-5 How To Answer ‘Results Orientated’ Questions
  • 3-6 How To Answer Negative Questions
  • 3-7 How To Answer A Question About Your Strengths
  • 3-8 The Best Way To Practice For An Interview
  • 3-9 What Questions Should You Ask?
  • 3-10 Summary
Module 4 - How To Manage Interview Anxiety
  • Module 4 – How To Manage Interview Anxiety
  • 4-2 How To Prepare Flexibly and Reduce Anxiety
  • 4-3 How to Stay Positive
  • 4-4 How To Feel More In Control In An Interview
  • 4-5 Summary
Module 5 - How to Project Interview Confidence
  • Module 5 – How To Project Confidence
  • 5-2 How To Use Eye Contact To Build Rapport
  • 5-3 How To Use Your Hands Confidently
  • 5-4 How To Use Your Voice Persuasively
  • 5-5 Your Appearance Matters
  • 5-6 Avoid Queuing In The Interview
  • 5-7 Summary
Module 6 - Practice Mock Interviews
  • Module 6 – Practice Mock Interviews
  • 6-2 Practice The Telephone Interview
  • 6-3 Practice The Pre-recorded Video Interview
  • 6-4 Introduction To 2nd Stage Mock Interviews
  • 6-5 Mock Interview 2nd Interview Stage Questions
  • 6-6 Practice 2nd Interview Stage Competency Questions
  • 6-7 Summary
Module 7 - After The Interview
  • Module 7 – After The Interview
  • 7-2 How To Survive Rejections
  • 7-3 Do You Need Extra Help?
Graduate Interview Course Online

55 Step by Step Videos and Resources

7 Interview Coaching Modules

Who you will learn with


Elizabeth Conley

Senior Interview Coach

Elizabeth Conley is a leading Senior Interview Coach. She set up Interview Skills in 2013 and has helps 1000’s of students succeed in internship, placement and graduate interviews whether you are looking for a Training Contract with Clifford Chance, a Consulting role at the Big 4 or a marketing placement with Disney this online Interview Training Course will help you succeed.


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