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Civil Service Interview Coaching

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Civil Service Interview Coaching

Coaching For Civil Service Interviews

Interview Skills Clinic are specialist and approved Civil Service interview coaches providing coaching for all departments and levels:

  • Personal Statements
  • Behaviour Competency Written Examples
  • Preparation interview coaching for Success Profile Interviews
  • Mock Interviews for Success Profile Interviews including behaviour and strength questions.
Coaching Available
  • Bespoke one-one coaching tailored to your interview from our offices or on Skype with video recording
  • Internal courses across civil service departments
Coaching Prices

Interview coaching costs:

  • £150+vat for an hour coaching
  • £195 +vat for a 90 minute coaching session.
  • CV and application coaching at £125 +vat an hour.

Depending on your interview experience and the level of the role you are applying for many clients require multiple sessions.

We are approved suppliers across many civil service departments and many clients get training funded provided. For more information please contact us.  

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All application and interview coaching is tailored to your needs. To discuss your objectives and get a recommended coaching program Book A Free Consultation .

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Application Coaching

We recommend working together on your application, whether this is asking for a Personal Statement or 250 word behaviour examples. We do this through a process of multiple Skype sessions where we review your application, track changes and discuss improvements.

The Skype sessions are video recorded so you can listen back to the coaching.  We have an excellent track record of helping clients achieve a high assessment and get invited to interview.

Depending on the application requirements a 2 hour application package is normally sufficient. This costs £200 +vat. .

Success Profile Interview Coaching
  • Learn how to develop behaviour examples to questions which will achieve a high assessment
  • Prepare for motivational and strength questions
  • Practise adapting your prepared examples to different questions
  • Deliver a natural answer with a good clear structure rather than a learnt response
  • Modulate your voice with natural rhythm and variation to engage and show enthusiasm
  • Show open body language with strong eye contact.
Success Profiles Assessment

Whilst traditionally Civil Service interviews followed a competency based approach, today candidates are assessed against the Success Profiles framework which follows a blended approach. The new Success Profiles assessment will be introduced gradually over the next year with some interviews still following a purely competency approach.

Success Profiles – Civil Service Framework

Success Profiles Assessment.This means that depending on the role you are applying for you could be assessed on five areas:

  1. Competency behaviours: the actions and activities that we do which result in effective performance in a job.
  2. Strengths: the things we do regularly, do well and that motivate us.
  3. Ability: the aptitude or potential to perform to the required standard.
  4. Experience: the knowledge or mastery of an activity or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.
  5. Technical: the demonstration of specific professional skills, knowledge or qualifications.

Not all elements are relevant to every role so the makeup of the Success Profile should be different for different types of job to improve the chances of getting the best person for the job.

Success Profiles Civil Service Behaviours

There are 9 Behaviours which you can be assessed against in the application and interview:

  1. Seeing the big picture
  2. Changing and Improving
  3. Making effective decisions
  4. Leadership
  5. Communicating and influencing
  6. Working together
  7. Developing self and others
  8. Managing a quality service
  9. Delivering at pace

The criteria under each competency vary depending on the grade of the role. Some specialist roles will have their own version of the competency framework, such as Government Legal Services or the Government Communication Professional Competency Framework which needs to be used together with the Civil Service Competency framework.

Common Interview Problems

Without coaching many clients fall down in the interview and get low marks. Some of the common reasons for this are:

  • the answers do not sufficiently address the behaviours and skills outlined in the competency framework
  • the answers are unstructured making it difficult for the assessors to mark the interviewee highly
  • the candidate has learnt the answers ‘parrot fashion’ creating an interview veneer and demonstrating poor communication skills; this often results in a candidate experiencing ‘brain-freeze’ in the interview
  • the candidate has shown limited self-awareness. Being able to demonstrate emotional intelligence and high levels of self-awareness is important at management levels

Candidates often go through multiple rejections whilst applying for Civil Services roles and inevitably this reduces self-confidence and creates interview anxiety which then becomes an additional issue which can limit your success.