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Competency Interview Coaching

Competency Based Interview Coaching | UK offices
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What does interview coaching involve?

Behaviour competency interview

A behaviour competency interviews is the most common style of interview used in the UK to recruit candidates. It requires candidates to demonstrate their skills by giving a specific example to substantiate their experience in answer to specific questions. If you are unfamiliar with a behaviour competency interview read this post.

Bespoke interview coaching

We offer bespoke interview coaching as increasingly organisations use different styles of interviews:

  • Behaviour competency interview
  • Blended interviews, a combination of behaviours, technical skills, experience, strengths and values.
  • Strength based interview
  • Value based interview

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Send us your job specification and we’ll be able to advise you what type of interview you are having. To discuss your objectives and get a recommended coaching program

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Coaching Options

You choose interview coaching tailored to your needs:

  • Preparation coaching
  • Mock interview coaching
  • Coaching in 1 hour, 90 minute or 3 hour sessions
  • Coaching face-to-face from one of offices
  • Coaching on Skype or Facetime with audio recording
  • Coaching with video recording

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London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Reading, Southampton, Bournemouth

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Coaching Fees

Interview coaching costs £150 + VAT for an hour coaching and £225 + VAT for a 90 minute coaching session. Bespoke coaching programmes and multiple sessions are discounted.  Coaching Fees.

Interview Coaches

We are a team of 4 coaches, Elizabeth Conley founder of Interview Skills Clinic, Matt Eastlake, Jane Gill and Chista Kermani.

Common Interview Problems

Coaching Benefits

  • Understand where you are going wrong
  • Know and promote your key strengths
  • Gain and exude more confidence
  • Manage interview anxiety
  • Add depth and clarity to your answers
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Transform the results you get

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