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What does interview coaching involve?

Succeed at your next interview

You can choose one-to-one coaching in central London, Bournemouth or on Skype. Interview coaching is tailored to your needs and to meet the assessment criteria for any interview whether it is a behavioural competency interview or a strength based interview. Increasingly, a blended competency and strength based interview approach is being followed. Interview coaching programmes are designed and well proven to meet the unique needs of:

Strength based interview coaching is increasingly being used across many organisations including the Civil Service, consultancy and financial sector.  It is often used to complement competency based interviews and requires very different preparation and practice.

How does coaching help?
  • Understand where you are going wrong
  • Know and promote your key strengths
  • Gain and exude more confidence
  • Manage anxiety
  • Add depth and clarity to your answers
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Transform the results you get

Both coaching in person and on Skype see excellent results. Online coaching via Skype is surprisingly effective particularly with clients who struggle with finding the right answers or achieving answers with depth and clarity.

Why choose Interview Skills Clinic?
  • You work with Elizabeth Conley a professional Interview and Communications Coach from the initial consultation.
  • Coaching is tailored to your needs whether you need help with your CV, online application, interview or presentation.
  • Generally, you will be offered two types of coaching: preparation coaching and mock interview coaching.
  • You will receive interview resources such as a preparation quide and sample interview questions. This includes a list of challenging questions tailored to your job specification which you can use for additional practice.
  • Video recording: During an intensive coaching session video recordings are used to enhance your training.  Watching yourself can transform your delivery and body language.
  • Audio recording: Skype coaching sessions can be recorded on audio so that you can listen back to the coaching session and have continual access to the training.
Recent successes

I have always been incredibly nervous at interviews and this has impacted on my performance. After a particularly disastrous experience, I decided to seek some professional help. It’s always hard to choose someone without a recommendation but as soon as I contacted Elizabeth I knew that she was right for me. I started off with a Skype session to help me improve my Civil Service competency based applications. Elizabeth is tremendously knowledgeable and packed the session with sound advice, all recorded to play back later. She has great insight and helped me understand my weaknesses and the areas to improve on my applications. Some time later, I followed up the initial session with a face to face appointment before an important interview. I’d had a couple of recent interviews and was still with struggling nerves. I was a wreck when I saw Elizabeth as even the thought of practising in front of her filled me with dread but she wasn’t fazed by this and explained it was just interview anxiety. She had some excellent strategies to help me cope and patiently coached me through my interview examples. Elizabeth highlighted my strengths and constructively pointed out areas that required further work, with suggestions on what was required. The session really boosted my confidence and helped me focus on selling myself at interview. It worked – I got the job! I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough. I always admire people who excel at their job and Elizabeth excels! 

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Coaching fees

A 1 hour coaching session is £150 and a 90 minute coaching session is £195. Click here for details on coaching fees. The best approach is to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your objectives. Click the Free Consultation button below or contact Interview Skills Clinic.