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Video interviews are a great way for organisations to carry out interviews quickly pulling interview panels together without consuming valuable time due to travel and in some cases enabling people to join from across the world. In the current climate this is the only way to see people.  We offer interview coaching by Skype or Zoom so understand how important it is for candidates to fully prepare. For internships and graduate interviews a video interview is an essential first step in the application process.  You must prepare your answers carefully for these interviews because it is difficult for the panel to feel your energy and enthusiasm levels, in many respects you have to work carefully to choose when you have to ‘overact’ to get this across and when you need to listen.  But first you must focus on getting the basics right, you must do the following:

1: Always test the connection

Try and connect before the interview if you are joining a conference line and make sure you have downloaded any necessary software / accepted the link.

2: Buy an adapter

Buy for your PC / Mac so that you can plug directly into the Wi-Fi box or a telephone, you will get a stronger more consistent signal.

3: Check lighting

You need good lighting and be aware that some office lights or tubes can create a ‘flicker’ effect which  the camera picks up.

4: Check your camera and microphone level

If you have an external microphone that you can plug in to the computer, then do so. If the equipment is part of a video conference system, make sure you know where to sit in proximity to the kit to ensure       you can be heard. Make sure you know where the camera is pointing – you don’t want the panel looking up your nostrils!

5: Appearance

Don’t wear a shirt or top which plays havoc with the camera – plain colours are best.

6: Agree a reconnection plan

Agree a reconnection plan with the interview panel if the signal is weak probably moving to a phone if you can’t reconnect – note the number and have a phone at hand.

7: Know who’s interviewing you

Find out everyone on the link because you may not be able to see them, look them up in advance on LinkedIn.

8: Check how to share presentations

If you are sharing a presentation make certain you know how to do this, any IT hiccup can be a big distraction.

9: Don’t fidget

Don’t move around too much – it is very distracting and remember facial expressions are accentuated it’s all they have to look at!

10: Make a test call

Arrange to connect with a friend or partner beforehand so that you can carry out a test run.

Mannerisms are accentuated on the screen and it’s only you they have to look at so keep your hands on the table, speak and then listen, don’t speak quickly and be clear and concise when giving your answers and of course smile occasionally!

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