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Career coaching

In addition to interview preparation, we offer a full career coaching service. All career coaching is tailored to your needs and you can choose from a one-off coaching clinic or a course designed specifically for you.

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Typical career issues

  • Are you looking to change careers?
  • Are you return to work after a break?
  • Do you want to change sector?
  • Are you uncomfortable “getting out there”? Does networking fill you with dread? Is LinkedIn all just a bit of a mystery?
  • Is your career stagnating? Do you need clear career path to help you achieve future success?

3 steps to build your career

You can choose either a one-off career coaching session to address a specific need, or follow the Interview Skills Clinic 3-step career course over multiple sessions.

Career Coaching Plan

Stage 1: Supply – who am I?

We will take you on a comprehensive and logical walk-through of all aspects of career planning, starting with understanding who you are and how you came to be here and the key skills and values that you bring to prospective employers. This is the “supply” side of the equation – what you can offer the market, and is a crucial foundation stone of intelligent career planning. We estimate that 1-2 career coaching clinics will be sufficient, and will include a comprehensive range of relevant exercises and questionnaires designed to to aid your self-discovery and provide clarity on your future direction of travel.

Career Coaching Course

Stage 2: Matching demand 

We offer a safe place to explore how your world of work is evolving and analyse your skills gaps and areas for development to future-proof your value and relevance. We explore how to deliver yourself to your chosen market, e.g., as a permanent member of staff or as self-employed/contracting, depending on your preferences and other life commitments. We can explore and create strategies to build your knowledge for future trends in your sector and suggest practical ways to engage with key decision makers in recruitment. Understanding what problems you can solve in the future is critical. We refer to this as the “demand” side of the equation and being clear on what the market wants from you will accelerate your career beyond measure. Typically this phase is addressed over 2-3 career coaching clinics.

Career Coaching Course

Stage 3: Success 

The third stage in building the career you want is knowing how to make things happen. Based on years of advice, Jane’s coaching is very practical and is focused on helping you build effective and valuable networks from scratch, using social media effectively and presenting the best version of yourself to the world. Additionally, at this stage we will address both CV & application writing and our core interview coaching offer. We expect clients to have made considerable progress in this area within 1-2 career coaching clinics.

Career coaching course

Recent successes

“Jane is a true expert in her field. Her combination of deep technical knowledge combined with her personable and empathetic approach is extremely effective. Jane goes out of her way to ensure her clients get the very best advice and support from someone who is a seasoned industry professional. I found Jane’s help to be extremely valuable and can recommend her without reservation!!”

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