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Civil Service For Graduates

As graduates finish their final term at University it can be very daunting looking for and applying for job opportunities. We work closely with clients who are applying for civil service jobs and need coaching and support for Civil Service Interviews. There are many different entry paths from the Fast Stream to the Fast Track, together with applying directly for the plethora of roles advertised on the GOV.UK website. Whilst the application process looks complicated once you understand their assessment process it is relatively easy to achieve success and get a job you want.

‘Phew!’, The end of term approaches for many graduates leaving University but ‘What now?’…

For many University graduates this can be a testing time. The lucky few will have been able to set themselves up with an internship or full-time role but from what we see this is far from the norm.

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Even though the job market is relatively buoyant, securing that interview and then getting through it can be a very daunting thought – not to mention ‘Do I really know what I want to do? The application and interview process is naturally quite alien to many graduates because it’s not something that they have had to do in such a formal way until now. Crafting the CV – what’s relevant? Do I need to write it slightly differently for each application? Writing a cover letter – what are they looking for? How can I spot the precise skills and strengths? Then progressing through all the online tests, video interviews and assessment days can be overwhelming.

There are other options of course to simply trawling through job sites. One area to consider is a job within the Civil Service. In September the Civil Service typically opens to applications for the Fast Stream – open to all those with a 2:2 or above. There is also the Fast Track, an apprentice scheme that offers an alternative to University and is also available to graduates, and the HM Treasury graduate programme. Last but not least there is a plethora of roles advertised on the GOV.UK website; start by looking at level 2 EO roles and don’t be too put off by entry level roles as it’s possible to progress quite quickly.

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Applying to the Civil Service requires focus, time and dedication. However, the recruitment process is incredibly fair and they do actually set out what they are looking for in some detail. Once you fully understand the process and what is required it’s possible to succeed relatively quickly. So worth investigating and a good place to start is the Institute for Government website. Within these pages you can also see how many people typically apply, the success rates by degree subject category, which departments take the most graduates and so on. It’s worth a visit and can help to get those applications flowing. For more advice on succeeding at Civil Service interviews:

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