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Interview Skills For Hiring Managers

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Interviewing Skills Training For Hiring Managers

Interviewer Training Course GlobalLogic

We design and deliver Interviewer Training Courses for Hiring Managers in-house.  There are a couple of options:

  1. Our provenly sucessful  Interviewing Skills Course For Hiring Managers. This can be delivered face-face in-house over 1 day or online over two half-days. There are some opportunities to tailor this to your business, recruitment and selection process, experience of participants and job roles.
  2. A bespoke Interviewer Training Course designed to support your organisation’s culture & recruitment and selection process. The course can take a blended, competency, strength or value based approach. You might be moving from a competency to a value based approach or want your Interviewer Training course to support new values or a new Employee Value Proposition. The course can be delivered face-face in-house over 1 day or online over two half days.

Interviewer Training Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to introduce interviewing and the role of the Interviewer and to instill best practice and training at each stage of the process: pre-interview, conducting the interview and post-interview. The course will improve both the effectiveness and consistency of interviews and enhance the confidence, interviewing skills and consistent approach of the Hiring Managers.

Hiring Manager Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding the background of a typical recruitment process, the concept of the recruitment ‘funnel’ and knowing how the organisations’ interviews fit within the selection process.
  • Understand the different styles of interviewing & benefits: behaviour-competency, value, and strength-based interviewing.
  • Learning how to prepare for an interview, in a way that aligns with good recruitment practice and how to select suitable questions for the role and level.
  • Through a variety of exercises, learn interviewing skills and questioning techniques. Practical exercises will include role plays, including learning from each other as candidate, interviewer, and observer.
  • Getting the best from different types of candidates and dealing with difficult situations.
  • Active listening techniques.
  • Assessing a candidate’s non-verbal communication and the interviewer’s own body language.
  • Understanding how personal bias can filter our perceptions of others and influence our assessment of them.
  • How to collect and record evidence and why it is so important.
  • How to assess candidates’ strengths and weaknesses post interview.
  • Selecting the right individual and follow-up with both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Improving Interviewer Skills 

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Active listening
  • Building rapport
  • Promoting the organistion
  • Directing the conversation
  • Probing for evidence and cultural fit
  • Recording evidence
  • Decision making

Recent Clients 

Bright Network, Hotelplan, Ergro, Tusker, Kepler, Team Consulting, General Pharmaceutical Council, Institute of Chartered Engineers, Dolby Vivisol and Wallace Collection. 


“Thanks again for your support. The course was great. It has been a pleasure to work with you and Georgina” Institute of Chartered Engineers”

“Thanks again for everything you’ve done in terms of creating the session, linking our values to competencies and getting them all engaged and bought-in on the day – Interview Skills Clinic and Georgina were absolutely fantastic!” Kepler Partners

“From my side, I was really happy with the session as a whole. It highlighted to me the areas I need to work on but with lots of practice and by utilising all of the reading material you gave us, I think I’ll be up and running soon! There was a lot to learn in a short space of time but I found the session massively helpful. My only bit of feedback is that I could have spent the whole day there!”  Troika Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection Guide 

At Interview Skills Clinic we appreciate that every organisation is different, whilst some have well established recruitment frameworks, questions and assessment guidance for Hiring Managers others follow a more informal process. All our client receive our comprehensive Interviewer Training Guide (55 pages) which introduces best recruitment practices, including:

  • Introduction to the recruitment process
  • Introduction to different competency, and strength-based interviewing
    Interview preparation
  • Active listening techniques
  • Questioning: Types of questions and when to use them, including Motivational questions
  • Competency framework for common competencies
  • Competency questions for core behaviour-competencies, what ‘good’ looks like and probing questions
  • Body language and voice
  • Candidate types and how to handle difficult candidates
  • Assessment templates and scoring

This can be edited and rebranded to suit the needs of each organisation.

Embedding Training

We include follow-up meeting with participants to embed the new training standards in the organisation and to encourage continuous improvement. Additionally there is an option to run an Interviewer Champions Programme to reinforce and provide additional in-house support for Hiring Managers

Next Steps

If you are looking for a Interviewer Training Course in-house then please contact us by booking a Free Consultation where we can discuss your training objectives and share more details about our Interviewer Training Courses and training options.
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