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Interview Skills For Hiring Managers

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Interviewing Skills Training For Hiring Managers

We successfully design and deliver Interviewer Training Courses in-house and online For Hiring Managers & Recruiters, both competency and value based interviewing. 

Interview Skills Clinic

Interview Skills Clinic was set up in 2013 and is a specialist interview training company. We successfully deliver Interviewer Training Courses to a variety of organisations with excellent feedback. Whether you are looking to train 10 or 200 Hiring Managers we can deliver excellent training delivered in-house or online. Additionally, we provide recruitment consultancy to help resolve staff attrition issues and can design recuitment and selection resources.

Our Interviewer Training Course

You can choose our provenly successful 1 day Interviewing Skills Course delivered in-house or online over two half-days. Or you might prefer our shorter 4 hour Interviewing Skills Course delivered in-house or online. There is an opportunity to adapt our  Interviewer Training Courses to your  business, recruitment process, participants and job roles.

Bespoke Interviewer Course

We can design a bespoke Interviewer Training Course designed to support your interviewing approach, whether this is blended, competency, strengh-based or value based interviewing. You might be changing your recruitment and selection approach and need to retrain your Hiring Managers to a new style of interviewing. The course can be delivered over 1 day in-house or online.

Interviewer Training Clients

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to introduce interviewing and the role of the Interviewer and to instill best practice and training at each stage of the process: pre-interview, conducting the interview and post-interview. The course will improve both the effectiveness and consistency of interviews and enhance the confidence, interviewing skills and consistent approach of the Hiring Managers.

Interviewer training Workshop

Hiring Manger Learning Outcomes

Understanding the background of a typical recruitment process, the role of the Hiring Manager in the wider process and knowing how interviews fit within the selection process..

Understand the different styles of interviewing & benefits: behaviour-competency, value, and strength-based interviewing.
Learning how to prepare for an interview, in a way that aligns with good recruitment practice and how to select suitable questions for the role and level.
Through a variety of exercises, learn interviewing skills and questioning techniques. Practical exercises will include role plays, including learning from each other as candidate, interviewer, and observer.
Active listening techniques.
Getting the best from different types of candidates and dealing with difficult situations.
Assessing a candidate’s non-verbal communication and the interviewer’s own body language.
Understanding how personal bias can filter our perceptions of others and influence our assessment of them.
How to collect and record evidence and why it is so important.
How to assess candidates’ strengths and weaknesses post interview.
Selecting the right individual and follow-up with both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Interviewer Trainers

Georgina Kvassay

Georgina Kvassay is a recruitment and talent development specialist with 18 years experience leading talent strategies for KPMG UK and for their 140 member firms. Georgina leads Interviewer Training for Interview Skills Clinic both designing and delivering Interviewing Skills Training for Hiring Managers. Georgina is a great Trainer: professional, welcoming, engaging and skilled at giving constructive feedback.

Jane Gill

Jane Gill is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and has been a VO and Board Director of HR for four organisations both global and in the UK. She has led value employee propositions and resourcing strategy and training programmes for one Europe’s largest merger and acquisitions in retail and telecoms. She is a highly experienced Interviewer Trainer.

Supporting Resouces

Recruitment & Selection Guide

At Interview Skills Clinic we appreciate that every organisation is different, whilst some have well established recruitment frameworks, questions and assessment guidance for Hiring Managers other organisations follow a more informal selection process. All our client receive our comprehensive Interviewer Training Guide (55 pages) which introduces best recruitment practices, including:

Introduction to the recruitment process
Introduction to different competency, and strength-based interviewing Interview preparation
Active listening techniques
Questioning: Types of questions and when to use them, including motivational questions
Competency framework for common Behaviour Competencies
Competency questions for core behaviour-competencies, what ‘good’ looks like and probing questions
Body language and voice
Candidate types and how to handle difficult candidates, assessment templates and scoring


Interviewing Skills Course

Consistent Interviewing Skills For Hiring Managers

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