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Interviewing Skills Training

Interviewing skills training courses for Hiring Managers and Recruiters in central London (Trafalgar Square) The course is for a maximum of 8 delegates and runs as a half-day course.  The courses are run once a month in London on a Friday morning.


Course Objective

Gain practical experience on how to prepare for an interview, ask effective questions at a first and second stage interview and how to evaluate a candidate’s performance. Understand and use different interviewing techniques to evaluate candidates and make better recruitment decisions.


Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to different interviewing techniques; competency, strength, situational and value based questions and the strengths and weaknesses of each approach
  • Matching the criteria of the job description and person specification
  • Preparing a range of interview questions based on the interview guide provided
  • Preparing an evaluation criteria
  • Conducting an informal but structured interview appropriate to a first stage interview
  • Learn active listening, questioning and probing techniques
  • Assess a candidate’s non-verbal communication and be mindful of the interviewer’s body language.
  • Be aware of psychological biases which can filter our perception of others
  • Understanding the impact of interview anxiety and how to get the best out of the candidates


Course Outline

  1. Interview preparation:  Use job description/person specification to prepare for interview. Use the interview guide (prepared earlier). Understanding different types of questions and when to use.
  2. Interviewing:  Through role play practice: How to introduce the company and role, setting a friendly tone for the interview representing the culture of your company, asking a range of questions using different techniques. How to probe appropriately to support nervous and long-winded candidates.
  3. Interview Assessment: Through role play learn: How to evaluate candidates fairly. Understanding how personal biases can filter our perception of others. Interpreting candidate’s body language and being mindful of their own body language and how it may influence the interview.


Recent Feedback

It helped my team to think carefully about how the job description needs to be constructed to ensure the experience, skills and strengths for the role are being set out and then how these can be challenged at interview. A key learning is how to evaluate the strength of answers so that marking is consistent, fair and leads to hiring the best candidates. In short, this is essential training for anyone who is required to carry out interviews’  Robin Gilderoy, Washignton Green

I very much enjoyed your course, it really gave me a new insight into interviewing and am in the process of re-writing our interview template because of it. Once completed, I would really appreciate your feedback. NBC

From my side, I was really happy with the session as a whole. It highlighted to me the areas I need to work on but with lots of practice and by utilising all of the reading material you gave us, I think I’ll be up and running soon! There was a lot to learn in a short space of time but I found the session massively helpful. My only bit of feedback is that I could have spent the whole day there!  Troika Recruitment

  I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the fantastic training we had with you. Echoing Dan’s thoughts – I found it super helpful and it really gave me some excellent insights as to how to get the most out of the time I spend with candidates.




Interviewer Skills Training Courses are run in London. If you are looking for a Interviewer Training Course in-house then please contact us by booking a Free Consultation.

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