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Executive Interview Coaching

Executive Interview Coaching | Leadership Qualities | Career Progression
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Executive interview coaching

Executive interview coaching is varied and tailored to your needs. You’re already likely to be a confident communicator but you might have an important interview coming up or perhaps you’ve not had an interview for a while. Or you might have been the ‘runner-up’ in a couple of recent interviews and don’t know why you weren’t offered the role. Additionally, we can help you write a professional CV and personal statement.

Communicate leadership qualities & skills

Coaching is tailored to a specific job specification or typical role:

  • Communicate your story and the value of your career
  • Communicate your strengths and the leadership you can bring
  • Demonstrate strategic thinking and your ability to manage complexity, risk, resistance and deliver through others
  • Ability to tell examples which substantiate your thinking and move away from process driven answers
  • Share insight into the role and the challenges the organisation faces
  • Use your body language and voice to build rapport, presence and gravitas

Your communication skills can either enhance your career or hold you back. It can be as simple as the way you use your voice;  the speed, volume and pitch can enhance or reduce your impact as a leader.

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Interview coaches

We are a team of 5 coaches, Elizabeth Conley founder of Interview Skills Clinic, Matt Eastlake, Jane Gill, Georgina Kvassay, Claire Hodgson and Paul Conley. 

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