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Why Should We Hire You?

An interview panel will typically open the discussion by wanting to learn more about you, or rather giving you an immediate opportunity to sell yourself. The opening question can take numerous forms such as, ‘What relevant skills and qualities can you bring to the...

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10 Communication Questions To Practise

In almost all jobs today it is vital to have communication skills and you will almost certainly be asked questions in an interview which are intended to determine just how good you are at communicating. There is a focus on three main behaviours within the competency...

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Video Interviews -10 Key Video Interview Tips

Video interviews are now commonly used as the initial part of the selection process for students and graduates applying for an internship, placement and graduate job. Video interviews, commonly referred to as online or virtual interviews, are increasingly replacing...

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What to wear to an interview

For all of us, regardless of how great or little interest we take in fashion and the clothes we wear there is certainly one occasion when we should actually stop and think about it, he Interview! So, the first rule is that you must be smart,  first impressions count...

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Why do you want to work for us?

Common interview question - Why do you want to work for us? Why do you want to work for us? This one of the most common interview questions a candidate can be asked. It will often be asked across all types of interview, private sector and public sector interviews and...

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Preparing for a competency based interview

It is widely known that today most interviews are 'competency based'  - but what does this really mean? Essentially the interview is based on the idea that your past behaviours and experiences are the best indicators of your future performance. This past experience...

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