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Leadership Question: How To Keep Team and Priorities On Track

Often some of the most challenging questions at interview relate to team leadership. This can seem like a difficult question to answer if you haven’t had many people to line manager. However, leading matrix teams can give you all the transferable skills you need. Matt Eastlake, an Interview Coach at Interview Skills Clinic looks at how to answer a common question on team leadership, ‘Can you tell me about a time you kept your team and a project on track amidst continuously changing priorities?’

Interview Question Managing Team and Projects

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How to recover from a devastating interview.

Clients often come to us feeling really frustrated with their last interview performance and anxious about future interview. Confidence can take a knock when you’ve previously done well in interviews and have what’s often described as a ‘car-crash’ of an interview. In the video below, Elizabeth Conley talks through some basic interview preparation steps which will restore your confidence.

Interview Frustrations Devastating Interview

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