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Online Interview Coaching

Online interview coaching helps you prepare and build confidence for an online interview. This has been particularly valuable  as during the Covid pandemic traditional interviews have been replaced by online interviews, with the interview taking place on an online platform such as Zoom, MS Teams and Skype. An online interview, has a live interviewer or interview panel asking the candidate questions in contrast to a video interview where you will be asked pre-recorded interview questions. Additionally, your answers will be recorded. If you have pre-recorded video interview coming up you’ll find it helpful to read our Video Interview Tips.

Benefits of Online Interview Coaching

  • The coaching is audio recorded and shared with you to use and practise after the session making each coaching session valuable and cost-effective
  • Online interview coaching is very convenient. Coaching can take place from anywhere in the UK or overseas, and there is no travel involved. Coaching is available during the weekends and evenings so you don’t have to take time out of work.
  • We can share screens and content during an online coaching session, this is particularly valuable for CV and application coaching. 
  • It is the ideal coaching platform to prepare for a video interview or pre-recorded video interview. A candidate’s facial expressions and voice may be assessed with artificial intelligence (AI) so coaching a candidate’s body-language and voice online is essential. You might find it helpful to read AI – How To Prepare For Video Interviews
  • With online interview coaching, we see excellent results for coaching across all levels. During the Covid pandemic when all interview coaching has had to be online our success rates has been even higher. 85% of clients at Interview Skills Clinic succeed. Read our clients’ reviews

If you prefer face-to-face interview coaching, coaching is available from our offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Oxford, Reading, Milton Keynes, Southampton and Bournemouth.

Recent Successes

Elizabeth immediately recognised where I was making errors in my interview preparation and after having a coaching session, moral support and such excellent, useful and encouraging help and guidance, Elizabeth completely changed my interview techniques, enabling me to secure a renowned graduate role. Thank you so very much for such wonderful guidance and coaching!

I was offered the job and in the feedback they gave me I was told I had scored the highest of all the candidates! Without Elizabeth’s methodical coaching and experienced approach I would never have known how to present myself, how the job description should be analysed in preparation for the interview and how to give full answers for competency based questions. Reading blogs and looking at YouTube videos is just inadequate and misleading. 

How Does Online Interview Coaching Work?

  • Book a Free Consultation so we can discuss and tailor coaching to your needs.
  • Depending on the coaching and your timeframe, your Interview Coach can send you some preparation to do prior to the online coaching session together.
  • You can choose the online coaching platform. We coach on Zoom, MS Teams and Skype.
  • If you are not sure of the quality of your internet you can test this with Rebecca Russell, our Client Coordinator beforehand.
  • During the coaching session, we will record the coaching session and this will be sent to you shortly after the coaching. Once you have downloaded and saved the video recording we delete the original recording to ensure confidentiality.

Online Coaching Device

  • A desktop, laptop or a large tablet device is best. A mobile phone works surprisingly well as long as it is positioned in landscape, has a webcam and built-in microphone.
  • Fast broadband connection is necessary for screen sharing facilities and to enhance coaching.
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Coaching Fees

Coaching fees vary depending on how many coaching sessions you need, Multiple coaching sessions and student sessions are discounted.  Click here for details on coaching fees. The best approach is to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your objectives.

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