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Most people applying for jobs and university places would benefit from a coaching session focused on improving the impression they make. Whilst each company and interviewer will have their own idea of what their ideal candidate looks like (depending on the culture of the organisation), there are some powerful techniques that you can learn and use that will help you maximise your personal impact.

You do not need to be aware of every movement you make as you talk but normally there will be a couple of areas one-to-one coaching will reveal which when tweaked make a huge difference.

This is why it is so useful to video record some of the coaching session and have the opportunity to review the techniques.

Coaching: The silent language
Congruency Does your body language endorse or emphasise what you’re saying.
Instant impact The first impression you give is transmitted during the first four seconds
Active listening How to show active listening signals
Arriving & leaving Both can be tricky but leaving the room at the end of an interview takes more planning
Silent language to build rapport How to look confident,
How to display authority
How to look keen
How to look approachable
How to look knowledgeable
Looks to avoid Small unintended signals make you appear aggressive or arrogant
Read the interviewer How to link into to the interviewer’s communication style to create a stronger rapport

Coaching interview techniques

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The approach above may or may not be suitable for you. All the coaching sessions are designed around individual needs. Initially, click the Free Consultation button below and on the right, or click Contact so that we can discuss your objectives.

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