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Civil Service Interview Preparation Course

Succeed at Civil Service Behaviour and Strength interview

Civil Service Interview Preparation Course

Learn how to prepare for a Civil Service Success Profile interview in order to get a high assessment and be offered the role.

This 2 hour online course is designed for people who:

  • are new to applying for Civil Service roles
  • are applying for entry-mid level roles up to level 3 SEO. If you are applying for a role G7 and above, you would benefit from one to one coaching
  • want to increase their success rate with applications and interviews in the Civil Service

Coaching Prices

The 2 hour course is £99 including vat. This is a third of the cost of our one-to-one coaching.

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Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand Civil Service Success Profile assessment, with Behaviour and Strength assessment
  2. How to interpret the job specification to Success Profiles
  3. Understand the different application requirements and how to write a Personal Statement or 250 word Behaviour example
  4. Insight into recruitment thinking behind each Behaviour and how candidates are assessed
  5. How to use STAR to prepare behaviour examples for interview
  6. Insight into recruitment thinking for Strength questions and how candidates are assessed
  7. How to prepare for Strength questions
  8. Common mistakes in Civil Service interviews and how to avoid them

Benefits Of A Group Interview Course

  • Very affordable. We have designed these courses to be accessible for everyone
  • Accessible. The coaching is delivered through Zoom, a live fully interactive coaching platform
  • Access to Interview Skills Clinic’s proven interview coaching techniques. We have over 500 reviews on our website
  • Access to the same preparation content & resources as our one-to-one coaching clients
  • Learn from other participants
  • Small class sizes, 3-6 participants. If we have less than 3 bookings, you will have an option to join another week or have a refund. 
  • Weekly course on Saturday mornings



  • Interview Preparation Course Presentation
  • Our bespoke learning materials.


Proven Success

Over 98% rated our training as Excellent.

Understanding the Civil Service interview process is a mine field. I feel I have got a much better understanding of what is expected and how to prepare.  Leah

Although I already work in the CS, I’ve been stuck in the same level for years. I can see now that I have been preparing in the wrong way. I’m going to get an application in straight away. Mohammad

Thanks, really great course. Very good value.  It was interesting to know what they are really looking for. Mike


Interview Coaches

The course is run by one of our team of coaches: Elizabeth Conley, Matt Eastlake, Jane Gill and Chista Kermani.








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