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Interview presentation coaching

Presentation skills are now seen as core business skills. Many interviews in the private sector and civil service require you to make a presentation as part of the interview process, even for graduate level roles. The topics can be very varied from telling them about yourself to sharing your vision or talking through your 90-day plan.

Most of us try to avoid making presentations at all costs or muddle through somehow. However, there is a solution. Learn the art of giving a presentation and your self-confidence will be transformed. You will be able to stand up and promote your knowledge and skills.


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Benefits of presentation coaching

Coaching is tailored to your needs and takes place over one or two sessions. You will learn:

  • How to structure your presentation
  • How to develop your own style
  • How to know your audience
  • How to develop confidence and manage fear
  • How to select and use visual aids
  • How to use your tone of voice, language and timing to exude confidence
  • How to handle questions and answers, and how to involve your audience

Recent successes

“Thank you again for helping me so much out! I did the presentation and received the offer yesterday in the evening on my way home. Helping me on the structure of my the presentation changed my approach and it paid off as the panel was really interested in what I had to say and helped me build rapport.” Sales Manager, June 2018.

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