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Presentation Coaching

Presentation Skills

Brilliant presentations can transform your career!

Presentation skills are now seen as such a core business skills.  If you want to get a job in management, you will often be asked to give a presentation as part of the selection process.  Or you may be in a new job which requires you give more presentations as part of your responsibilities. If you want to get on, you need to be good at giving presentations.

What does it take to present with impact, confidence and flair?

  • Motivation
  • Coaching
  • Practise

Most of us try and avoid making presentations at all costs or muddle through somehow. However, there is a solution. Learn the art of giving a presentation and your self-confidence will be transformed. You will be able to stand-up and inspire people and make things happen.

A typical presentation skills session with include training in:

  • How to structure your presentation
  • Developing your own style
  • Knowing your audience
  • Four keys to success
  • How to create confidence and manage fear
  • Selecting and using visual aids
  • Body Language
  • Tone and Timing
  • How to handle questions and answers, and involve your audience.