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Interview Skills Coaching To Answer Difficult Questions

answering difficult questionYour confidence levels will soar once you are fully prepared for the interview. Whilst a 1 hour mock interview session is great if you want to focus on your delivery and body language, many people need initial coaching to help them prepare and answer interview questions.

In order to achieve this, I often recommend coaching is split into two sessions as preparation work is needed to get the most out of each session. During the first stage of coaching all five steps are covered:

Coaching: How to answer questions confidently

Step 1Identify the most difficult questions. The one's you don't want to be asked!
Step 2Understand what the interviewer is really asking with each question. Learn to approach the interview from an interviewer's perspective.
Step 3Know which of your skills and experiences best support competence based questions.
Step 4Identify your weaknesses & your unique strengths. Know how to weave your greatest qualities into answers to support your application and add credibility.
Step 5Practise, record and practise until you can answer all questions confidently.

Coaching techniques

  1. How to create a good impression
  2. How to talk the talk

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