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CV Review Services

Are you getting invited to many interviews?

Wearing too many hatsIf not there can be many reasons for this. You might not be applying for jobs which match your skills and experience or using one CV for too many types of jobs.

Your CV can be assessed generally for typical job which you would like to get or I can help you apply for a specific job.

There are three main errors many people make when writing their CV:

1: Making unsubstantiated and unnecessary claims

Initially, your CV and application will only be looked at for 30 seconds. It has to quickly stand out as relevant o the job specification. It is best to focus on your competences that match the requirements outlined in the job application guide. If you are missing a required skilled could you learn it in the meantime? You can then write on your CV that you are training in the skill.

Whilst, I won’t write your CV. I’ll give you an honest assessment with tracked changed. I’ll give your CV formats which you can use. With every problem I identify I will provide a solution and we will discuss how you can implement the solutions based on your strengths and competences.

2: Promoting irrelevant strengths and skills.  

“I’m so good at this I’m going to tell you about it whether it is relevant or not!” This is a common error and often results in 3 page CV’s or even longer. It’s important to identify your current and transferable skills and substantiate these in your CV and online application.

3: Not using the right keywords to get picked up by the recruitment search engines.

If you’re not getting enough interviews, it could be a simple matter that you are not using the keywords which match your skills to the job being advertised. Recruitment companies use keywords to search for suitable applicants.

If you haven’t the right proportion of matching keywords within your CV you might not be considered a good match. 

CV review services

CV Review Bronze
1 hour
CV Review Silver
2 hours
Initial telephone consultation – 15 minutes.Initial telephone consultation – 15 minutes.
Analysis of your CV generally or for a specific jobAnalysis of your CV generally or for a specific job
Guidance on how to use keywords in your CV to be found quicker on recruitment sites and Linkedin
Guidance on how to produce a credible, competence based CVGuidance on how to produce a credible, competence based CV
Telephone coaching to review your CVTelephone coaching to review your CV
Follow up Assessment Report
Email review of your revised CVEmail review of your revised CV

Why choose interview skills clinic

  1. I’m a professional Communicator and has spent over 15 years helping people communicate more effectively. I will share with you all the best and appropriate writing strategies to give you the persuasive communication skills to help you win the job you want.
  2. A consistent approach. You’ll be speaking to the same coach throughout from the initial free consultation to the CV review.
  3. As I’m not a recruitment consultant my advise is completely independent. My objective is same as your objective, to help you get the job you want.

100% guarantee

I’m so confident in my ability to help you that if you don’t feel you have benefited from my review I offer a 100% refund.