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Interview Coaching Fees

How much does coaching cost?

Appointments are available as 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 3 hour appointments. Coaching is available face to face in London, Bournemouth and on Skype. See the menu below. You can choose how  many coaching sessions you’ll need. It often depends on many factors:

  • recent interview experience
  • confidence levels
  • communication skills
  • type of interview
  • seniority
  • job specification
  • application process
  • assessment criteria.

Many clients are successful after one session

I only had one session with Elizabeth and was planning to have the second one with her. But before the second session started, I had passed an interview and got a job offer. I learnt a lot from the first session with Elizabeth, how to present myself and some key interview skills. The most important thing is that she helped me build up my confidence, helped me believe in myself and that I could do it. 

Hayley May 18th

Price menu

1-1 COACHING 90 min£195

1-1 COACHING1 hr£150

A preparation session & mock interview coaching session 

Confidence grows with the right preparation. The majority of clients will be recommended two coaching sessions, the first focused more on preparation followed by mock interview coaching session a few days later. Success is about understanding the different type of interview you are likely to have and preparing in the right way. For example, a matron could have a strength based interview at one hospital or a competency based interview at another hospital for the same role. To succeed at either interview requires very different preparation. The assessment process for a Civil Service or Police interview can not compare to a behaviour competency interview in the private sector, and there are many differences within the private sector.

Sometimes it is necessary to invest in yourself.  Every interview rejection chips away at confidence levels and this starts to show with subsequent interviews. Interview skills are an essential skills to have to develop your career and achieve the progression you want.

After 4 unsuccessful Civil Service interviews, Elizabeth provided the insights and expertise necessary for me to succeed in the interview process and as a result I was successful on the 5th attempt. Looking forward to starting my new career very shortly. Thanks Elizabeth!

Richard 9th May. Read other clients’ comments .

Some clients prefer to start with a mock interview & assessment

Some clients fall down at the last interview stage and may need an assessment coaching session to assess personal impact, gravitas, depth and clarity of answers against a job specification.

After missing out on two roles at the final interview stage, I felt I needed some some help to push through that barrier, especially with a final stage interview for my dream job coming up. I really felt that Elizabeth had designed our meeting around my specific needs. During our meeting Elizabeth coached me through some terrific interview strategies. She also gave me valuable feedback about how I was coming across and my interview style. I felt so prepared for my interview. When my interview came around I felt confident and prepared….. and I got the job! 

Dawn May 13th

Discounted student graduate coaching programme

Graduates assessments and interviews are comprehensive. Depending on the company you might need to  prepare for both introductory, behaviour competency and strength based interviews as well as online tests, team assessments and case studies.

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