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Matthew Eastlake

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Matthew is an outstanding communicator who has extensive experience in coaching and leading individuals and high performing teams.
A committed and energetic interview coach, Matthew works with clients at all levels and across multiple sectors to strengthen their interview technique. He also appreciates that securing an interview in the first instance can be the most challenging and daunting part of the process. He is an expert writer who understands the importance of a clear,relevant and well-crafted CV, a strong covering letter / personal statement all of which must be relevant and address the skills and experience required. Matthew’s work has been highly praised clients at all levels with many rapidly achieving their goals. Matthew coaches from Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

  • Ensures clients communicate their strengths: On paper, online and during
  • Energetic with infections enthusiasm, Matthew helps build confidence and positivity.
  • Provides insight, understanding and advice across multiple industries and career
  • Matthew was excellent in helping me with my questions – running through the good
    aspects of my answers, highlighting how I could improve, gave me suggestions to
    think outside the box.’
  • ‘Within 4 days of receiving Matthew’s guidance I was offered a job!’
  • His advice was great. It really helped me in the interview.’
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