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Elizabeth Conley, Interview Coach in London

Elizabeth Conley 

If you go-ahead with your coaching session, you’ll know exactly who your coach will be from the initial consultation until you get the job you want. I’ve got over 20 years experience consulting, coaching and leading communication teams I have worked at senior levels for FTSE 100 companies including Texaco, Rank and Boots. I’ve helped people at all levels communicate more persuasively in meetings, interviews, at conferences and on TV.

Interpersonal and communication skills are the two more sought after skills by employers. If you want to compete successfully in an interview then you need to be able to communicate confidently, even in a stressful situation.

Experience has shown me that many talented and qualified people have great potential, but aren’t always achieving their potential because they don’t have the communication and presentation skills to position themselves, and their offer effectively.

This is where I can help:

knowledgeable and a consummate professional. Dawn, May 2016

Elizabeth provided the insights and expertise necessary for me to succeed. Richard, May 2016

she brings heaps of experience and guidance on complex interviews Laurie May 2016

she provides a nice balance of professionalism with warmth, and clearly wants to understand her clients, their idiosyncratic strengths and foibles, Stephen, March 2016

 warmth and enthusiasm about Elizabeth that made me feel comfortable. Nokutenda 2016

The best coach I’ve ever had. Real interview training and gets straight to the point, lets you know exactly what you need  Ferras March 2016

Elizabeth’s amazing coaching, motivational and supportive Abbie March 2016


Being able to guarantee a confidential coaching service is very important. For this reason I won’t connect with clients on Linkedin although many clients choose to connect which is always welcome. Others prefer to leave feedback directly on the website, sometimes using a pseudonym. All feedback in welcomed as it particularly helpful to visitors who can then read about the coaching service from a client’s perspective.

London, Bournemouth & Skype

One to one interview and presentation coaching is available in London (just by Trafalgar Square) mid-week or in Bournemouth on Saturday. Alternatively one to one coaching in available on Skype in the evenings and on Saturday.

Video and Audio Recordings

Video and audio recording is available at both the one to one coaching sessions and on Skype.

Free Consultation

The first step is to organise a free consultation so that we can tailor a coaching session around your needs. Click on the Book Free Consultation tab in the bottom of the screen or Contact so that we can discuss your situation. I always respond on the same day and try to fit in clients with urgent requirements, whenever possible.

Coaching Services

Other coaching services are available. Some clients need additional support with changing their career, CV, online application, presentation skills and Executive Coaching.