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James Parsons

Interview and Career Coach, London
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James Parsons, Interview Coach

James Parsons

James has a background in investment banking and has been an executive careers coach for over 10 years. He is passionate about creating real shift in his clients’ lives and CV and interview preparation lie at the heart of his coaching work. He brings an uncommon breadth of experience to bear when preparing candidates which helps them represent the best of themselves to their target markets. He has built a reputation as one who challenges with care, pushing his clients to explore unknown possibilities and helping them build on their strengths to meet job searching challenges with confidence, clarity and conviction.

  • An executive careers coach with over 10 years experience and more than 5,000 hours of contact time
  • A diverse client base, working with individuals from varied levels and sectors
  • Has worked abroad extensively, in Europe, the UAE and Asia Pacific so is culturally aware
  • A previous commercial career means he can be of particular help to those interviewing for businesses
  • Demonstrates a passion for career / talent development
  • Feeds back on interviews and CVs intelligently, creatively and clearly so clients take ownership for their own improvement and build a proposition that reflects them best
  • Combines coaching expertise with a range of diagnostic tools including 360 feedback and behavioural profiling to provide clients with insight and perspective in the handling of their career challenges