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Interview Coaching To Talk The Talk

young woman interviewedInterview coaching isn’t just about coming up with smart answers. During a coaching session, you’ll be helped with your vocal tone and projection, how to choose the right words at the right time and how to avoid negative words and phrases. It’s useful to highlight your common verbal fillers and give techniques to avoid them. This is when video recording is helpful as often people aren’t always aware of the common phrases they put into their speech, which distract from some great answers.

Coaching: It's all in the voice

Listening skills. What stops you from listening effectivelyListening techniques. Listen properly and your own responses will be more 20 times effective.
Getting the tone and pitch rightTechniques to project and direct the voice. How to give meaning and emphasis to words.
The power of wordsLearn to use high impact words, avoiding waffle, fillers or jargon.
How to structure your answers Techniques to answer the question succinctly and persuasively.
Small talkPractise small talk techniques which subtly steer the interview.

Coaching techniques

  1. How to answer questions confidently
  2. How to create a good impression

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