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Interview Services

Coaching will transform your confidence

confident intervieweeMost of us are not good at identifying our own strengths and in an interview, you don’t just need to know what you’re good at you need to know how to promote yourself in a stressful situation. This is not easy!

It takes just a couple of hours be more confident and prepared than ever before.  Depending on the success you’re having you might need help with your initial CV or presentation coaching for a final interview.

All the coaching is bespoke

All the coaching is bespoke to decide on where you need help and how you want to receive it. You decide!

Coaching DeliveryServiceLevelLocationStage
1 to 1 coachingCV and application coachingStudentLondonApplication
By webInterview coachingGraduate1 to 1 interviews
By telephonePresentation coachingManager Panel interviews
ExecutiveFirst Interview
Competency interview