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  1. Yvonne Muorah says:

    I booked a meeting with Elizabeth for the clinic. I had attended three intervifews and no job offer and i am visually impaired concernwd at how i came across dueing interviews.
    Her coaching was empathetic clear focused and reassuring. I took all she taught on board and applied it at interview the following week which resulted in a job offer.
    Thank you so much Elizabeth your help and support was crucial to my success I am entirely grateful

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Yvonne, trusting and being open about your impairment made all the difference. Any organisation worth working for isn’t going to discriminate against you especially when you clearly demonstrated excellent skills and experience. Please don’t hold yourself back again. I am sure you’ll love your new role and challenge.

  2. Monika says:

    Elizabeth was very helpful and knowledgeable. She coached me for two interviews in one session at a very short notice and despite the time limitation I did well in both and got offered one of the jobs. We had Skype session and the fact that I could listen to the script again was very helpful. I’d definitely recommend Elizabeth’s services. The experience helped me feel confident and calm on the day.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Monika, you have excellent skills and experience and just needed a boost in confidence to set yourself apart from other candidates. Well done!

  3. Julie Goddard says:

    Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic – my 3 word summary of the experience I had with Elizabeth. In my early 50’s – and feeling like Employer’s would think I was ‘past it’ … I quickly learn’t I was holding myself back. In fact learning to summarise my 20 years experience by telling ‘relevant and compelling stories’ unlocked my potential and freed my brain. It was ‘that simple.’ I took a week to prepare using my new found learning, and In my next Interview the Interviewer was quickly nodding in agreement as I told him about my 20 years of relevant experience – I got the Job and I sailed through my first month’s probationary period. So if you are thinking about gaining some learning and new insights on Interviews I would say ‘Do It’ and ‘Enjoy It’

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Julie, thank you. You were brave enough to go through the intensive 3 hour coaching sessions with video and it’s tough to do. Non of us like looking at ourselves on video but you left determined to change the way you prepared and talked about yourself. The difference was amazing. I am so pleased the job is going well.

  4. Sue says:

    After unsuccessful interviews I decided to invest in some coaching with Elizabeth. We had one Skype session as that was all there was time for before my next interview. Elizabeth taught me how to apply the Star technique at interview. She also really boasted my confidence by pointing out to me how much skill and experience I had, which I was seriously beginning to doubt. I was much more confident than I usually am at my interview, and so better prepared. The company called me the next morning and offered me the job. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I feel needs help with their job hunting.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Sue, I know how difficult the decision was to have coaching when you’ve been out of work for a while and funds are low. And adapting to Skype! I am delighted the investment paid off. You have substantial experience and skills and simply weren’t answering questions correctly for a competency interview. You now have a better job, closer to home and with more money. So hopefully, you can go into the new job feeling more confident.

  5. Ciara says:

    Elizabeth coached me for two sessions to prepare for a Civil Service interview at short notice. Her help was invaluable in structuring my answers and in how best to prepare. I would have been completely in the dark otherwise.

    Thank you again!

    All the best,


    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Ciara, thank you. You had a great result particularly for an external candidate. You had excellent skills and experience and just needed a little help to learn how to adapt to civil service interview, and to be the strongest candidate. I am sure we’ll see each other again as your career progresses. Enjoy the role.

  6. Rosie Littlejohns says:

    Incredibly helpful! I managed to get a job offer a week after seeing Elizabeth thanks to her tips on confidence and competency questions. Would highly recocommend to any recent graduates looking for their first job.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Rosie, I was so excited for you when you got the offer. Previously, you just weren’t promoting your skills or strengths for the role and a result getting stuck in an unpaid role when you deserved so much more. You are now joining a great organisation in a super role and your career can start. I am certain you’ll do fantastically well.

  7. Amy says:

    I had three sessions with Elizabeth, and noticed a dramatic improvement in my confidence at interviews. Her style is incredibly supportive and she’s able to flex her approach to each person’s individual needs. Elizabeth provided valuable feedback to help improve my performance, and she also recognises that a big part of interviewing is about having the right mindset – her moral support between sessions was greatly appreciated. I had a final coaching session before an intense final stage interview, and Elizabeth did a great job of preparing me for a different pace and style of questioning than I’d encountered before. I’m amazed what a difference the coaching made in such a short space of time and would recommend her services without hesitation.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Amy, it was a tough interview process but you made it, well done. I know how hard you practised and you deserve the success. You’ve certainly got a challenging role ahead which will be great for your career development.

  8. Joe St Clair says:

    After a number of unsuccessful final interviews I decided to invest in a session with Elizabeth. She quickly got to the core of what I was doing wrong and gave me useful practical guidance on the things I needed to change to improve and present myself and my skills in the best possible light. Three weeks later I had another interview and the next day was offered a permanent position as a Senior Research Manager in a large consulting firm. Thanks Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Joe, It was frustrating when you knew that you had the skills and experience to do the jobs so couldn’t understand why you weren’t being successful. I am sure that using the questions to demonstrate your skills rather the answering the question rigidly made a difference and letting your personality show through. Thanks for trusting my advice and I am glad the investment paid off. I hope to see you in a couple of years.

  9. Faye says:

    I took some time considering whether to set up a session and am really glad I decided to go ahead. Elizabeth was incredibly helpful in getting me to focus on what I really wanted to get across at an interview and how to deliver my answers, as well as giving useful pointers on how to present myself. I was offered the next job I applied for!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Faye, I am so pleased that the investment in coaching paid off. It is a difficult decision particularly as I often recommend at least two coaching sessions. Yet, you succeeded with just the one! Well done. Enjoy the new role.

  10. Amanda Federici says:

    I dont know how to thank Elizabeth enough. She was able to break down the competencies in a way that made it easy for me to understand how I should prepare and how I should talk about my examples. We also met a week later for a mock interview and her feedback was invaluable.
    I went back home that day and listened to the recording as many times as I needed to. I hadn’t been successful in interviews for a couple of years and this was my first competency based interview I had to prepare for a senior starting position in the CS.I’m really happy to have found Elizabeth as investing in seeing her twice was the best decision and it got me the job I so much wanted. I was even told I gave the best answers by far across all competencies. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I will see you again in a couple of years when I will be looking for a promotion. Amanda

  11. Liz says:

    I wanted to let you know that a few weeks ago I was offered a job following my interview (back in October!). I am starting there at the beginning of July and am a Policy Lead. It is a key area of government reform! Very exciting! Your role in my appointment was literally pivotal as you completely broke my interview technique down and built it back up again in a really supportive, clear and kind way. Your deep knowledge and input was key to how I performed at interview and is definitely why I was successful. I wanted to let you know how fantastic you are and to thank you once again. Hopefully I will be contacting you for future progression!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      This is fantastic news! They really did take their time to come back to you but it was worth the wait. I hope you have a celebration planned this weekend because I know how much work and emotional energy it takes to apply for these positions.

      • elizabeth elizabeth says:

        Hi Amanda, you had the experience,did all the hard work to prepare for this interview and deserve the success you got. I hope that it’s given you a confidence boost and you believe in yourself more! Absolutely, I would love to work together again on your next promotion.

  12. Claire Sampson says:

    I had two coaching sessions with Elizabeth. I was at first a bit anxious about whether it would be useful to my role in the public sector but Elizabeth was more than able to coach me on how to apply my knowledge, skills and experience to a more strategic role and I was successful in my my next application and interview. She helped me to improve my interview skills and to identify my skills and strengths and to express them in a way that met the needs of the interview. I would fully recommend her.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Claire, I was so pleased for you. Like many Managers you work strategically every day but getting that across in an interview is always more challenging. Once we worked together on this, you started to recognise your own value and were able to communicate this more confidently. It didn’t surprise me at all that you got offered the role! You deserved it. Thanks for your review.

  13. Steve Bignell says:

    I had not had an interview in over 16 years, let alone a competency interview. Elizabeth went through my competencies in detail and made suggestions on both the strengths and weaknesses and suggested improvements. I only had time for one Skype session with Elizabeth. Her suggestions were so good that when it came to the interview I scored 6’s and 7’s and got the job.

    I would recommend to anyone thinking of applying for a Civil Service interview to consult Elizabeth. The insight she provides undoubtably makes your application and performance at interview stand out from the crowd. Also, make use of the audio recording of the Skype consultation and make notes.

    Preparation of this sort gives you confidence and makes you shine at interview and leads to success.

    I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Steve, It was understandably a bit daunting having an interview after 16 years but you absolutely ‘nailed it’. 6’s and 7’s are fantastic scores to get in the Civil Service. What it tells you is that you could be looking for promotion again in the not to distant future. It’s a thought to leave you with as I know how much you wanted this particular role. Enjoy the challenge and thanks for taking the time to add a review.

  14. Mr Shawn Simon says:

    I found Elizabeth’s coaching and advice to be above excellent. Well worth the spend! From my first session with her I could tell she knew what she was talking about. Her experience was very obvious and telling. What impressed me most was her all round approach to tackling interviews. From advice on body language and posture to answering competency based questions in a ‘story telling’ format using the STARR method. For me her patience, calm and collected approach as well as her flexibility and professionalism really stood out, allowing me to mirror her style. I can’t be appreciative and thankful enough for the time she took to coach me into my new role as Business Systems Analyst, a step up from my previous role as a Systems & MI Analyst. I would very happily recommend her to anyone seeking support in landing their next role. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! 🙂

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Shaun, it was great to get your phone call after receiving the job offer and hear you excitement! I don’t normally recommend a mock interview coaching session just hours before the interview but it worked fantastically for you. Well done. Hopefully, we can work together in a few years times when you’re going for you next promotion. Thanks for your review.

  15. Omar Elbassuony says:

    Elizabeth is one of the most friendly professionals that I have ever met. She was not only able to help me with my interview skills but also how to behave and act professionally and wisely during an assessment centre. I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth if you’re trying to secure a job opportunity, she has all the knowledge and experience required for the help you need. Thank you and Goodluck with your future!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Omar, thank you. I knew it wouldn’t take you long to get offered a graduate role but it can feel very daunting to go through such a rigorous and competitive application process. Good luck with your career and maybe see you back in a few years time.

  16. David says:

    A big thank you to Elizabeth for her help! I interviewed with a Magic Circle law firm earlier this year and approached Elizabeth for her advice in the days before. She has an expert eye and within minutes was offering clear advice on my areas for improvement. Crucially, she offers advice on firm-specific interview technique. This translated into me being calm and composed on interview day, confident I had coherent, well-structured and tailored responses. I would recommend Elizabeth in a heartbeat and would happily work with her again in the future.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi David, you did fantastically well against some stiff competition. Once we honed in on the skills they were looking for you were able to use your experience to stand-out. The organisation is a great cultural fit and I can see you staying there for some time. I am sure you’ll love it. Thanks for your review.

  17. Mariam says:

    I had very little confidence following an unsuccessful interview and being given quite harsh feedback . I had only a few days to prepare for another, even more important interview. Elizabeth helped me achieve, in one session, what I thought would take months of work. Elizabeth gave me the confidence I needed to go to the interview – I was going to withdraw from the process. I applied all the tips Elizabeth gave me and it worked. The interview was a success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Mariam, there’s so much I could say. You had fantastic skills but just didn’t believe it. What a difference a little confidence makes. I hope to work together again in a couple of years.

  18. Ella says:

    I found Elizabeth incredibly helpful. She was well-informed about the format of competency and strength-based questions and really made the process of civil service interviews a lot more transparent and less intimidating. As a result I felt I had a clear understanding of what was expected of me and how I should prepare. She also helped me understand how to convey the value in my career history in an interview. Having a recording of our conversation was invaluable as I was able to listen repeatedly to her thoughts and advice in preparation.

    I was able to walk into my first civil service interview far more confident and well-prepared than I would have been otherwise and was offered the role. I will call on her help in future without hesitation.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Ella, You just needed to be more prepared and better than any other candidate which you clearly were. I would be delighted to help next time. Enjoy the new role.

  19. Charlotte says:

    Elizabeth’s guidance and advice was invaluable. It really helped to have someone with such experience give me useful feedback when practising for interview, so I could improve and give the real interview my best shot.

    Job hunting is a mixed bag. Sometimes you find a new role immediately, at other times there are a lot of unexpected bumps along the way which knock your confidence. Elizabeth helped me to re-focus and show my skills and experience at their best.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Charlotte, often it’s difficult changing career direction but I knew you were capable of applying for more senior roles. It was worth holding out for. I look forward to hearing about how you get on although I know you’ll be great!

  20. Rashid says:

    Elizabeth really helped to demystify competency based interviews. This allowed me to focus on the areas I needed to improve on and also assisted me to respond more effectively to the interviewers and the areas they were looking to explore through their questions. Elizabeth helped me to build my confidence and offered reassurance, taking me through some practice questions prior to my interview, and three days later I successfully secured a new role through a competency based interview. I will definitely be seeking her assistance again when looking to secure further career advancement.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Rashid, you did fantastically well and really just needed a confidence boost and a bit more practice around competency questions. You had strong skills and experience for the role and I am glad I was able to help. Thank you for the review.

  21. cecilia says:

    Elizabeth gave me the tools and confidence to succeed at my interview.
    Although the position I was going for involved a significant amount of technical preparation, Elizabeth understood perfectly the situation and provided me with guidance and practical tips which and really made a difference in how I approached the challenge.
    I am extremely grateful for her precious help!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Cecilia, it was a very technical competency interview and you did well, particularly moving up two levels. The hard work paid off! Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

  22. Ravi says:

    Thank you Elizabeth so much for your help. After the one session that I had with you, I was successful in obtaining a job position from my next interview, you really did have a positive impact when it came to coaching me. I took on board every bit of feedback that you provided me, reviewed the audio file that you provided as well as the power point presentation to aid me in my preparation. The help that you gave me allowed me to not only structure my answers better but to also make it sound more natural, which I had found difficult to do in previous interviews that I had been on. I am just so grateful for the advice that you provided to get me over the finishing line and started on my new career!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Ravi, thanks for your review. Good luck with the move and the new role. I am sure you’ll settle in well and soon feel part of the team.

  23. Emilia says:

    Elizabeth was extremely helpful and supportive when I was preparing for my medical school interviews (and first proper interviews ever). She did not just ask inquisitive questions tailored to the interview style but also taught me to think on my feet and answer any question the university could throw at me! I’ve just received an offer from my first choice. Thank you!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Emilia,

      I am so excited for you. You’ve done fantastical well to get a place at such a prestigious Medical School. Just focus now on getting the grades you need and then you can enjoy a long summer holiday before you start. Well done!

  24. Will Leigh-Bramwell says:

    I decided to organise some face-to-face interview coaching with Elizabeth a few months ago while I was applying to a range of graduate roles. While I knew I was a strong candidate on paper, I wasn’t confident I would do well in an interview, and was really struggling to form some good examples for strengths etc. During the two sessions I had with Elizabeth I learnt a lot about what interviewers are actually looking for, and developed a much clearer understanding of which of my strengths I should be selling to recruiters and how best to back them up with the examples I had.
    We did a mock interview session which was videoed, and I found being able to look back at this incredibly useful for re-listening to the turns-of-phrase and tips that Elizabeth gave me during the session that I would have otherwise forgotten! Overall, the sessions hugely increased my confidence to be able to walk into an interview and sell myself, and definitely made the graduate application process less stressful. I’m starting a new job on Monday at a big media firm and can confidently say that Elizabeth contributed a lot to me getting that job! So thank you very much, Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Will, thanks for your comments. One of the challenges we had initially was deciding what you want to do. Once you decided on digital marketing is was easier to be more focused in both your applications and interviews. You did really well and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

  25. Guillermo says:

    I came across Elizabeth by doing a simple Google search and she, quite literally, changed my life. I got in touch with her because I was tired of impressing recruiters with my written application to then fail at interviews. I had never done any one-to-one coaching of any kind prior to this, so I was a bit wary of the effectiveness of her work. But all I can say now is that I wish I had found her sooner! She helped me to get my stories straight so that I could impress recruiters, to focus my interview answers on what they were looking for and to come across as a confident, prepared and valuable applicant. Thanks to Elizabeth’s coaching, I got my dream job – without exaggerating.
    Thank you, Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Fantastic Guillermo. It’s great that you are so excited about this role. I am sure you’ll do well and maybe it a few years I can help your further with promotion.

  26. Andy Mahony says:

    I sought Elizabeth’s help after repeatedly hitting a brick wall with my job hunting. I rarely got offered an interview and never got a job offer. I work in the public sector and found competency based interviews to be a mystery. How do you apply the STAR technique without a) a photographic memory, and b) sounding like a scripted robot? Elizabeth not only answered these questions but also took a critical look at my CV. I found the videos of our mock interviews to be hard and uncomfortable viewing. However, they made it so much easier to see and hear where I was going wrong. I highly recommend getting videoed no matter how much it makes you cringe! Unlike interview books (and some coaches) that expect you to memorise ‘100 great answers’ Elizabeth takes a different and far more sensible approach. Elizabeth not only teaches you what makes a great answer and how to formulate it easily, but also emphasises the importance of tone, body language and enthusiasm in your interview. Following our coaching session I went to my next interview a few days later feeling far better prepared and more relaxed. I was not only offered the job but also offered a salary higher than that advertised – without negotiation. I have seen a few interview coaches now – the only one I’ll be going back to is Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Andy, I am glad I was able to help. It was really about acknowledging your own strengths and the strategic value you bring. Once we did this it didn’t take long for you to see the success you wanted. You haven’t got long now before you start. It will be worth the waiting. Many thanks for the review.

  27. Gemma Wills says:

    I am in my final year of university and in the process of applying for a lot of graduate schemes. I saw you a few months ago because I had appalling interview anxiety which led to tears even with just saying the word ‘interview’. You put me at ease almost instantly and offered really useful information and strategies. There were practice routines to build my confidence which I have been doing weekly for the past 3 months. Two days ago I had my first interview and it went really well. I was myself and managed to answer the questions in the structure that you recommended with the same feeling of confidence I would have with a family member. The best part is, at no point in the interview did I get close to crying! Whether I get the job or not, now I know I can go to interviews feeling myself and without fear of making a complete fool of myself. I will be recommending you very highly to others in the future.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Gemma, I was so pleased to read this review and I’ll be giving you a ring later. You’ve really turned a corner, well done! You can now go forward to interviews with confidence. You’re a student who’s really made the most of University and these experiences will pay-off in your interviews.

  28. Jason says:

    I recently sought Elizabeth’s help when applying for Civil Service roles on promotion. After having three interviews and not getting anywhere I decided to have a Skype coaching session a week before my next interview. One session with Elizabeth completely changed the way I delivered my competency examples in the interview. Elizabeth’s advice was hugely helpful on what was important and how to get across for a senior level position within the Civil Service. The following interview I was successful in getting the promotion. It was definitely worth the investment and I will use Elizabeth’s coaching session next time I’m looking for a promotion. Thank you again Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Jason, thanks for your review. You really took on board my advice and this can be difficult to do this when you’ve got used to a certain style and structure, particularly when we only had time for one Skype session. Well done! Thanks very much for the recommendation.

  29. Frances Redpath says:

    Elizabeth’s coaching made all the difference to me. I struggled with several interviews, coming out feeling I had underrepresented myself and losing confidence every time. Elizabeth showed me how to present what I thought of as weaknesses as strengths, and to break down and explain my experience and how it was relevant to the role. She also went through a lot of little tips around body language and tools to help me present myself better, which really helped me focus and gave me a lot of confidence. I actually had two interviews in one week, and in one I was progressed to round 2, while in the other I was offered the job. I am very grateful, and so pleased I chose her for coaching.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Frances, you have strong communication skills but were less comfortable about promoting yourself. As you say each rejection reduces confidence a little more. I am glad coaching gave you the boost you needed and ways to highlight experience which is valued by the interviewer.

  30. Leigh says:

    Elizabeth’s coaching was a great help in securing a role at a Big 4 accounting firm. She helped me improve my presentation and confidence. Particularly valuable was going through lots of practice questions and preparing for all types of question that could come up at an interview. It made me feel much more confident going into the interview and knowing that I could deal with pretty much any question thrown at me. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s coaching for anyone who’s not had much recent interview experience and needs to improve confidence.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Leigh, many thanks for your review. Going through a redundancy is a challenge and tends to lower confidence. The coaching helped to remind you of your key strengths, skills and experience and be better prepared for an interview. Enjoy the challenge of the new role.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks you Leigh. Going through redundancy can be very challenging and reduces confidence. We are able to work together to remind you of some of your skills strengths and the value of your skills and experience. Believing in yourself is essential when going into an interview. Enjoy the new role.

  31. Tin says:

    After resigning from a job in difficult circumstances, I got lots of interviews, but no offer. My anxiety and worry about being perceived as unreliable probably showed in the interviews and held me back. I saw Elizabeth hoping to understand what I was doing wrong and found the session extremely helpful. I was offered a job after the next interview. Elizabeth’s advice made all the difference to my preparation and self-perception. I recommended her to my partner, who was also offered the next job she interviewed for after seeing Elizabeth, having also had several interviews before with no offer! I would definitely recommend Elizabeth’s services, which have made a huge difference to us.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Tin, it was great to work with both yourself and your partner and I am so pleased for a fabulous result. Both of you are highly skilled and experienced. Being out of work causes a great deal of interview anxiety. I hope you are going into the New Year with much more confidence.

  32. Reem says:

    A friend recommended that I booked a session with Elizabeth after having no luck in the job applications that I was sending off. I am so glad that I followed that recommendation because Elizabeth’s advice and guidance has proved invaluable. Elizabeth took the time to thoroughly analyse my applications and pointed out areas that could be improved and offered simple, but effective, tips on how to strengthen my applications – things that I wouldn’t have known to do without her guidance. She was also extremely efficient and responded to emails and phone-calls promptly, and even managed to arrange a Skype session with me on short-notice so that I could prepare for my first interview. Having recently accepted an offer for a new job, I do think that Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me secure this. She helped to make my applications stronger, offered excellent advice prior to interviews, and even conducted a mock interview for me, which helped me to prepare for interviews. After working with Elizabeth, I also feel a lot more confident in my capabilities. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to anyone that needs interview/application guidance.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Reem, thank you for your kind comments. It’s easy to get stuck at the application stage but we only needed to make a few changes to make the difference. The hardest part is knowing what to change. For the interview you just needed a boost in confidence. Enjoy the new role.

  33. Lisa says:

    I recently sought Elizabeth’s help when applying for Civil Service roles on promotion. It had been several years since I had done formal interviews and I knew I wasn’t quite hitting the mark but didn’t know why. One session with Elizabeth completely transformed my performance, and she gave me hugely helpful advice on what was important to get across for a senior level position in the CS. One additional phone session and I was successful on my next interview. It was one of the best investments I have ever made and I wholeheartedly advise anyone in the same position to seek her help. Thank you Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Lisa, thank you. You did fantastically well! After years of preparing for the formal civil service competency interviews it’s difficult to adapt to the blended competency and strength based approach particularly at leadership levels. Enjoy the new challenge.

  34. Kim says:

    I fully recommend Elizabeth’s interview coaching. She gave me lots of advice and tips on how to structure my examples for an internal competency based interview. Practicing the questions in a mock interview also greatly decreased my anxiety on the day of the interview. I got the role and the feedback I received from the interview was that my answers were very good. I know my answers wouldn’t have been as strong if Elizabeth hadn’t shown me how to develop them to fit the role in question.It was well worth the investment and I now have a better understanding of how to prepare for future interviews.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Kim, you deserve the role. Internal promotions are always tricky and this was a difficult competency interview. Well done! Remember to keep practising speaking a little slower. It adds more authority to the voice which might be needed with some of the more challenging stakeholders!

  35. Harry Parker says:

    Elizabeth’s support and guidance proved utterly invaluable for my video interview with the Civil Service. She advised me on how to structure my answers accordingly and gave me a detailed insight into what they’re looking for in their candidates. The price was initially quite daunting, but if you’re taking an application seriously and want to gain the appropriate professional skills, then I consider Elizabeth’s approach to be vital in achieving that step-up. The advice was wholly implementable, and I honestly couldn’t see myself passing the video interview without it. Also, having the conversation recorded was a great bonus that allowed me to experience the lesson several times over and hone in on the advice. With Elizabeth’s help, I got through to the next stage of the selection process! Thanks again Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Harry,
      On-video interviews are very daunting. As there’s no opportunity to discuss the question preparation is everything. I am pleased you were able to use your stories in the interview. You clearly did well and are one step closer to success. Good luck at the assessment day.

  36. N S says:

    Elizabeth helped me build my confidence and improve my technique following two unsuccessful interviews for a role on promotion and a development scheme. In two very focused sessions, she gave me clear feedback and encouragement, as well as tips on communication and presentation style. I feel that it was her support which led to me being able to much more clearly demonstrate my potential at a subsequent interview and successfully obtain a place on a development scheme. Thanks, Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      You had a very challenging interview and I am glad I was able to help your leadership skills stand-out in the interview. Often a few subtle changes can make the difference and help exude more confidence and authority. Well done! It was worth the waiting.

  37. Miles says:

    Elizabeth is an excellent coach. She helped me prepare written applications and practice interview technique for two Civil Service posts. Coming from the private sector I was unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Civil Service selection process but Elizabeth carefully explained the process and helped me build the confidence and knowledge to succeed. Thanks to Elizabeth’s help I was offered both the jobs I applied for!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Miles. You deserve the success you got. You put a great deal of work into preparing for both roles and ‘took on board’ all my feedback. It’s a great result and it’s going to be an interesting new challenge for you moving from the private to public sector. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

  38. Eva says:

    I would like to thank Elizabeth for preparing me for an interview. I only had one session with her and I got out of it way more than I could expect. We focused on competency-based questions. I got a better understanding of a STAR technique and learnt how to apply it effectively. After asking each of the interview questions, Elizabeth gave me a constructive feedback and valuable tips how to improve my answers. After that, I repeated answers implementing her suggestions. We also went through the presentation that I had to deliver during the interview process and again Elizabeth suggestions were priceless! As a result of our session and following the suggestions, I had a very successful interview and was offered a position 24 hours after the interview!!!! If I have another interview in the feature, I will definitely have a coaching with Elizabeth again. I highly recommend her services to everyone who is in a job search process!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Eva,
      You did fantastically well! It can be challenging moving out of academic career into industry. I am sur you’ll love the new challenge.

  39. R W says:

    I struggled in interviews for over a year and after being unsuccessful in over 20 interviews, I decided to give interview coaching a go. I found Elizabeth through a Google search and decided to book her after reading her reviews and a brief phone consultation. I found Elizabeth to be incredibly helpful, she was able to highlight the challenges I was facing and provide really useful suggestions on how to make improvements. I had two sessions with Elizabeth and I am pleased to say that the second interview I went for after working with Elizabeth, I was offered a position. If you are hesitant about the fee, I understand, but it really is a good investment in yourself. I even recommended Elizabeth’s coaching to my husband and after one meeting, he got a job offer the very next interview he went for.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you. I am so pleased for you. Being unsuccessful in an interview can really reduce confidence and this starts to show in subsequent interview. Getting feedback and preparing in the right way can very quickly make a difference. Remember to celebrate lots!

  40. Carl says:

    Elizabeth was instrumental in myself preparing and passing my interview. She is professional and quickly got me to focus on what I needed to learn and prepare for as my interview was only 1 week away from seeing her.
    In 3 days after practicing I had learnt everything I needed and was confident I was ready for my interview.
    If you want to have a edge in a job interview and need someone to to prepare you properly and inspire you I strongly recommend you give this lady a visit I did and have never looked back.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Carl,

      It’s always tricky changing careers and trying to draw on transferable skills. You did it. Well done! Enjoy the new challenge.

  41. Simon says:

    Thanks to Elizabeth, I better understand the mystery that is Civil Service assessment! (And I have a new job!)

    Elizabeth listens well to understand people’s strengthens and weaknesses, and gives excellent advice about how these relate to Civil Service competencies. She also has wider experience that she uses to advise on the current changes to Civil Service recruitment, e.g. strength-bases questions.

    Applying Elizabeth’s advice to my written applications boosted by marks by 1-2 points across the board; and applying her advice in interviews helped me to get two job offers!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Simon, you did all the hard work and had great experience to draw on which is so important with Civil Service interviews. These interviews are tough at the moment as they move toward blended assessment so I am glad I was able to help. I am sure the job is going well.

  42. Umar Hayat says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Elizabeth for her interview coaching without which I would not have been able to succeed in my quest to move to a regulatory healthcare inspector role. I had completed interviews previously but failed to meet the grade. I had two sessions via Skype with Elizabeth where she conducted a mock interview using competency based questions which are common in the public sector. During these sessions, Elizabeth gave me constructive feedback as to how I could improve my answers and then made me repeat my answers using this feedback. This style of coaching really helped me to improve my interview technique and thus sell myself during the real interview. After my first session in late March, I attended an assessment centre which I duly passed. However, the vacancies were located in the North-West where I did not reside and thus I wasn’t offered the inspector post. At the end of July, I was invited to another assessment centre for a hospital inspector position. Thus, a few days prior to my interview I held an interview coaching session with Elizabeth where she gave me constructive feedback and made me practice my answers where I was not selling myself strongly. As a result of this coaching session, I performed really well at my assessment centre and was recently informed that I had passed and thus was offered the position of hospital inspector which I will commence in a few week’s time. I would thoroughly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who has been struggling to pass interviews. Elizabeth coaches candidates in a professional manner and provides helpful feedback upon which candidates can reflect upon and practice rewording their answers to questions during their coaching sessions. These sessions also helped to boost my self-confidence which was a real asset during the real interview.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Umar, you had a really difficult job specification to satisfy. They asked for so many technical and management skills it made preparation particularly challenging. And of course it was competitive. Thanks for trusting me. You put in all the hard work and deserve the success. Enjoy the new challenge.

  43. Sath says:

    I had applied for the civil service fast stream multiple times, and had been consistently turned down at the interview stage. This time I got in touch with Elizabeth and went through a couple of sessions to make sure I was prepared. She was very knowledgeable about the civil service recruitment process, and taught me the fundamentals for performing well in the interviews. I went in to the interview feeling more confident and informed, and was able to succesfully land the job. I can’t thank Elizabeth enough, and would definitely recommend her if you’re a graduate looking to get into a competitive graduate scheme!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      HI Sath, you had used your time well at University to get some excellent experience. This makes all the difference in an interview because you had stories to tell. All I needed to do was help you frame your answers to meet the competency framework. You’ve got a great job and I am sure will love the new challenge. Well done!

  44. Christine J says:

    I came across Elizabeth via a google search after I had been struggling for over 3 years with interviews. I read on her website that she specialised in coaching Civil Servants to be successful at making the next grade. I had an initial consultation with Elizabeth giving her an outline as to what I was looking for and she told me about herself and how she can help. She then told me her prices which initially I thought was a bit steep but based on her past experience I thought I’ll try it and if it doesn’t work out I’ll go elsewhere. So we had a few coaching sessions together whereby Elizabeth would give me mock interview practice and gave me the building blocks of how I can approach interviews I had in the future. We didn’t really change my stories but the way I told them. Within a few sessions I had an interview and I’m pleased that after using Elizabeth I was successful at securing a position at the next grade up to where I am now. I was pleasantly surprised because I had over 20 interviews and before coaching with Elizabeth I wasn’t really getting anywhere. I had tried other coaches and other methods but nothing seemed to work. Elizabeth is more expensive than other coaches but it was money well spent and if you are struggling like me and you really want to invest in yourself I would definitely recommend her. I didn’t have many sessions with Elizabeth and to be honest I kept thinking I will need more sessions. She gave me the re-assurance that I wouldn’t need that many but until it happened I didn’t quite believe it.

    I will definitely be coming back in a few years time when I next want help with interviews/applications. I can’t thank Elizabeth enough in coaching me. I wouldn’t go to anyone else or try other methods now.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Christine, as you already know I am so pleased for you. Particularly that you achieved the promotion you deserved rather than just moving across to a different role at the same level. You had all the experience and just needed help telling the stories in the right way. This should now build your confidence for future opportunities. I hope to see you back in a couple of years.

  45. Andy B says:

    Elizabeth is a superb interview coach, who works hard to understand your needs and provide tailored support for each client. She successfully coached me for a senior-level policy role; and as a result of both her practical and tactical guidance, I was offered the role I was interviewed for! Elizabeth provided me with a real sense of confidence, asking tough but realistic questions to prepare me for the interview, and working closely with me to build effective competency-based answers. As a result of the session, I felt able to approach my interview with confidence, and to deliver taut, well-structured answers that did justice to my skill set and expertise. Elizabeth enabled me to overcome a lack of recent interview experience, and to consider and respond to questions in the most effective way. I wanted to commit to interview coaching as an investment in my professional future, and I would definitely consider it as value for money. I look forward to working with Elizabeth again!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Andy for your generous comments. I am glad I was able to help. You had all the skills and experience and just needed some interview practice and a confidence boost. I am sure you’ll enjoy the new challenge!

  46. Ketan Dave says:

    What can I say about Elizabeth that has not already been said? I saw Elizabeth less than a week before my Civil Service interview, (SEO post). In just 2 sessions, she coached me to sail through the interview and have received a provisional offer. Bearing in mind I have been unemployed for over a year and in that time I had attended numerous interviews – all unsuccessful. This is all about self-investment. Invest a little bit of your time and money with Elizabeth and the rewards will follow. Thanks again Elizabeth. Could not have done it without you!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Ketan, you did really and I am so pleased for you. I am back from holiday this week and looking forward to catching up with you.

  47. Sharon North says:

    I have always been incredibly nervous at interviews and this has impacted on my performance. After a particularly disastrous experience, I decided to seek some professional help. It’s always hard to choose someone without a recommendation but as soon as I contacted Elizabeth I knew that she was right for me. I started off with a Skype session to help me improve my Civil Service competency based applications. Elizabeth is tremendously knowledgeable and packed the session with sound advice, all recorded to play back later. She has great insight and helped me understand my weaknesses and the areas to improve on my applications. Some time later, I followed up the initial session with a face to face appointment before an important interview. I’d had a couple of recent interviews and was still with struggling nerves. I was a wreck when I saw Elizabeth as even the thought of practising in front of her filled me with dread but she wasn’t fazed by this and explained it was just interview anxiety. She had some excellent strategies to help me cope and patiently coached me through my interview examples. Elizabeth highlighted my strengths and constructively pointed out areas that required further work, with suggestions on what was required. The session really boosted my confidence and helped me focus on selling myself at interview. It worked – I got the job! I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough. I always admire people who excel at their job and Elizabeth excels! Thank you so much.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Sharon, thank you for your generous comments. I am pleased the coaching helped and delighted in your success. You worked really hard throughout and deserve the promotion. Enjoy it!

  48. Fiona says:

    Thanks very much, Elizabeth. The coaching sessions are very helpful. Only 2 month I got a job offer. I would highly recommend Elizabeth’s coaching session, her advice is very helpful for the candidates who failed interviews or graduated student who first time looking for a job. She pointed out my problems for answering interview questions and was very patient to help me to improve my interview skills.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Fiona, you did really well and you’ve got a great opportunity now to improve your English and get the experience you needs. It’s challenging starting your career when English is not your first language and you were coping with cultural differences at well. I know you’ll work hard but remember to give yourself time off to have fun as well!

  49. Soo says:

    New to the UK, I realised that the interview marking system is quite different to what I was used to. I decided to be coached by Elizabeth because she has a background in my field (communications). Her interview questions for me were relevant! She also predicted some questions that were going to be asked in my interview, and even though I didn’t get that job, I learnt a lot. I used the same skills and kept on practising until the right company hired me.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Soo, I am so pleased for you. It actually didn’t take you long to adapt to the competency based interviews in the UK and with your experience you should have seen success sooner. As you know, I think as you were held back by
      not having a current UK Press network, even though it wouldn’t have taken you long to establish a network. It was frustrating for you but now you can move on. Enjoy the new challenge.

  50. Angelina says:

    I decided to book 2 consultations with Elizabeth as I was really struggling with interviews and especially the format, namely the competency based interviews.
    Elizabeth has an extensive knowledge in coaching, of various industries and roles, a lot of patience and did give me some invaluable advice and tips which helped tremendously, and after initially one failed interview, I managed to land a new role! I would highly recommend Elizabeth for coaching as her method is spot on and with practice, as Elizabeth will never say enough, you will get there. You will remember what to do right in terms of preparation ( and I don’t mean looking up a company’s website) and how to conduct yourself at an interview.
    In other words, Elizabeth will give you your confidence back and guide you to success!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Angelina, you’ve excellent skills and experience and just needed a little help to recognise this and learn how to tell stories promoting yourself. Working in one company for so long had knocked your confidence so I am so pleased you’ve now got the promotion you deserve.

  51. Gin says:

    I failed several interviews before I received advice from Elizabeth. She pointed out what the interviewers are looking for and gave me thorough advice during two sessions. At last I was offered a dream job I applied for. I totally recommend this coaching clinic. It is easy to make an appointment and she is flexible to adjust her time. Many thanks to Elizabeth for making my dream come true.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Gin. It was a tough interview which is expected for a senior position but your experience shone through. I am pleased I was able to help you.

  52. Danielle says:

    I totally recommend Elizabeth. She helped me improve my interview skills, gave me great tips and even helped me improve my confidence. I received a job offer 2 weeks after our last session! Thank you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Danielle, I am so pleased you got the job you wanted. Once you’re back in a challenging role in a great new environment your confidence will quickly come back and you’ll go from strength to strength. I am sure you’ll do well and I am glad I was able to help.

  53. Dave McCreight says:

    I highly recommend Elizabeth Conley. Elizabeth’s advice, guidance & feedback has helped me greatly. I was made redundant in September last year, following this I struggled to tackle the interview selection process effectively, and so after a few rejections needed to do something about it! I saw a few similar types of interview skills services online but decided to use Elizabeth mainly based on the website and her virtually immediate response once I’d explained my situation in an e-mail. We met F2F in London, where she really helped me by understanding where I was going wrong both in terms of verbally and body language. Getting an understanding of how the interview process really works in 2017 was massively important and something that Elizabeth’s expertise really stands out! After one session I managed to get offered a position working for a growing financial company, which is the role i’d been looking for, after a 3 stage selection process; that I’m now due to start soon. In addition to this I was offered another role, after a 3 stage interview process, which I’m awaiting the outcome of at time of writing. Elizabeth stayed in touch even after our session by e-mail to ask how I was getting on, providing great encouragement and so I was so pleased to tell her about my success. Her help and support was key gave my confidence a real boost and I will be using her again. I would advise anyone who is in a similar position, or who need wants to enhance their existing technique, to get in touch with her as she has great knowledge, understanding and provides the client with with tools to deliver a winning interview.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Dave, thank you. It’s not surprising that being made redundant knocked your confidence and I am sure that this new role will help to remind you of the valuable skills and experience you’ve got. I am pleased to hear that there’s opportunities for promotion which will be ideal for you. Enjoy being back at work!

  54. Sarah Archer says:

    After struggling with interview nerves for over 6 months Elizabeth’s coaching helped me gain the mental clarity to approach interviews with confidence. Her feedback on my interview style, support with behavioural-based questions and guidance on what interviewers were looking for based on her own knowledge of my company and sector was invaluable.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Sarah. You just needed a boost in confidence so that your nerves weren’t getting in the way of believing in yourself and promoting the skills and experience you offered. I am sure you’ll love the job!

  55. James says:

    Elizabeth provided excellent feedback and advice on how to present competency examples, and helped me prepare for Civil Service interviews. Not only was I offered my dream job, but the civil service’s feedback on the application proccess noted my interview technique as a great strength.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi James, many thanks for your review. You did amazingly well to get two offers as it’s so competitive for graduates. Now you can focus on your studies. Well done. Get a great holiday in before you start.

  56. Kebur says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you very much for the interview skills course. After just one two hour session you were able to help me identify my interview technique faults, and the tips you gave me helped me enhance my preparation for and performance at interviews. Less than three weeks after our session I was offered three interesting civil service senior managerial posts overseas. I would not have done it without the honest feedback and advice I got from you. I am likely to come back to you in preparation for future interviews/promotion boards etc…All the best. Kebur

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      A great result Kebur. You clearly worked hard to add more depth to your examples and must have achieved a high SIFT score. Well done! Enjoy the role in Kuala Lumpur.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Many thanks Kebur. You clearly worked hard to get the depth into your examples and achieve a high SIFT score. Enjoy the challenge in Kuala Lumpur!

  57. Nathalie says:

    We would highly recommend Elizabeth to anybody who is in the slightest lacking in self confidence and lacking experience when faced with the daunting prospect of a university interview.
    Our daughter Natasha had only just over a week to prepare for three interviews for a place on a Veterinary Medicine course at Nottingham, RVC and Liverpool universities.
    Having very little idea of the nature and content of these interviews (in some cases Multiple Mini Interview format) we sought the urgent help of Elizabeth.
    In just three sessions, two face to face and one via Skype, she primed Natasha on what to expect and how to approach these interviews. Elizabeth covered every angle possible with regard to interview techniques. She focused on Natasha’s weaknesses and helped develop her strength further.
    As a result Natasha’s confidence levels soared. She attended her interviews with a real sense of positivity and afterwards felt quietly confident that she had performed well. She has since been offered a place at both Nottingham and Liverpool universities and is still expecting a decision from the RVC.
    Elizabeth’s role in Natasha’s successful interviews has been, without doubt, invaluable. She could not have done it without her.
    Once again we would highly recommend Elizabeth’s expertise and insight to anyone applying to highly competitive courses such as Veterinary Medicine.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Natalie, thanks so much for the review. I was so pleased to hear what a fantastic result Natasha had. I still need to catch up with Natasha to learn more about the exact interview questions as it’s a useful insight for the next student. I am sure she’ll love the course

  58. Magnolia says:

    I always found Interviews a daunting prospect and when I received an invitation to one for a most desirable possition, I realised I needed help to achieve the desired outcome.
    Elizabeth was recommended to me by a friend going through the same experience and I decided to get in touch.
    I am really pleased that I did. Elizabeth offered great insight into the process and what the employer would expected from my interview answers and perhaps most importantly into my weaknesses, with effective advice on how to address and correct them. The interview result was a positive one and I know I could not have done it without her guidance.
    Her expertise and personal approach is excellent, and the option of using Skype for training sessions is a very helpful tool. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth and calling on her help and advice again myself, for future such events.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Magnolia, thanks so much for adding a review on the website. The interview process for pilots are rigorous and lengthy, you did fantastically well and I am glad the hard work paid off. Skype coaching is very effective for those people like yourself who can’t meet in London.

  59. Felix says:

    Elizabeth provided me with very helpful and comprehensive guidance for preparing what must have been a rather unusual scenario for her: an interview for a job with the German government, held in German. Her guidance focussed on what to say/what answers and topics to prepare, how to practice answers and body language and how to manage nervousness. I’m delighted to say I got the job — many thanks Elizabeth!

  60. Harry Neale says:

    Back in December 2015 I had been invited to an assessment centre for the final stage of the application process for a sponsored degree apprenticeship with CapGemini. I was feeling very unprepared, but managed to book a last minute Skype session with Elizabeth and despite her busy calendar, she went out of her way accommodate a session with me. Due to extenuating circumstances, I didn’t get the apprenticeship with CapGemini, so I decided to take a full year out and go travelling.

    On my return to the UK, I was invited to an interview for another sponsored degree apprenticeship with Vodafone. I applied everything Elizabeth taught me when preparing for it, meaning I went into it a million times more confident than I would have done without the sessions. It went perfectly, and I was offered a place a few days later, and I’m now 4 months into the scheme.

    Although there was a gap between my sessions with Elizabeth and my interview with Vodafone, I am certain that I wouldn’t have secured a place had I not undertaken her training. The sessions are adapted to suit you, thanks to her thorough preparation, meaning they are guaranteed to improve your interview technique. Not only that, everything I learnt was transferable, meaning I have been able to apply them to the workplace, allowing me to progress in my role.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Harry, it was good to come back and add a review to my website. I really appreciate your time and I am so pleased that you felt the coaching helped. You’ve got a great position and start to your career which will only progress further. Well done.

  61. William Humphreys says:

    Elizabeth’s training was exceptional. I had 2 interview skills sessions, the first revolving around preparation and how to structure my answers, and the second session built on these in a mock interview style session. The biggest difference for me after talking with Elizabeth is my confidence, the sessions themselves were adapted to meet my needs and to tackle the problems I was having in interviews, giving me more confidence in how I answered. 1 month on, I have a job offer with a small accountancy firm just outside of London. I couldn’t recommend Elizabeth enough and would urge anyone to get into contact.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi William thanks for your review. I was so pleased to hear that I was able to boost your confidence and that you now been offered a training contract in January. I am sure you’ll do really well. What a great start to the New Year. You face so many new opportunities and challenges.

  62. Joanna says:

    Our daughter, Joanna, has university interviews coming up and she so dearly wanted to be offered a place at one particular university where the course is always significantly oversubscribed. It was a daunting prospect which was not made any easier because the first interview was at the university she wanted to go to. Quite understandably Joanna was very nervous. Our daughter had a Skype session with Elizabeth and soon afterwards they had a face-to-face session, both of which Elizabeth has thoroughly prepared for beforehand. She had carefully looked into the questions that might come up for the degree Joanna wishes to study for. After the 2 sessions Joanna was far more confident and much better prepared. Joanna attended the interview and afterwards her one word answer to how it went was “good!” We understood she might have to wait 1-2 weeks before the university contacted Joanna. We did not have to wait long – the university offered a place the day after the interview! So well done Joanna and thank you so much Elizabeth for your help. We strongly recommend Elizabeth to anyone else who would is considering coaching for university interviews.

  63. Thomas Laws says:

    Elizabeth’s coaching is first class! I have always struggled with interviews over the years and she made me think and look at things in a completely different way which I would never had imagined. The coaching was designed specifically for the role I was applying for, looking at all potential questions that could have been asked, allowing me to prepare for anything that was thrown at me. The coaching made all the difference giving me the edge I’ve been looking for and successfully securing a position with a major company in my chosen profession.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Tom, moving to the graduate management programme was a challenge. It was a very different type of interview to what you were used to but the preparation paid off. I am delighted work is going well for you and I am happy to support you at the next promotion stage.

  64. Tim Geer says:

    Elizabeth made very significant improvements to my interviewing, both in terms of the examples I used (and which aspects of those examples) and my interviewing technique. Throughout our sessions she was incredibly supportive and gave the type of frank advice which made the difference. She obviously has tremendous insight and expertise in the type of interview which I was preparing for – in my case, a senior civil service post – which she was able to pass on in a focussed and sensitive manner. At all times she was professional and a complete joy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I truly believe that Elizabeth made the difference in me getting the job. Thank you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Tim, I am glad the coaching made a difference as you had some challenging interviews. Thanks for getting in touch & for the review. I am sure the new role will go well.

  65. Jane Y says:

    I had a combined session with Elizabeth covering competency interviews and a presentation task, following suffering from feelings of pressure, nerves and anxiety! Elizabeth equipped me with some key things to practice, which were instrumental in turning my feelings into confidence and being in control. I think it made all the difference as having just landed a great contract role, the feedback on what clinched it vs the other final candidate was my passion and enthusiasm for their brands and business. I would definitely work with Elizabeth again, just to ensure I’m at the top of my game before the next big interview.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      I am so pleased for you. All you needed was a confidence boost and I knew it wouldn’t take you long to get a position you wanted. It a highly competitive role exuding more enthusiasm and energy can make the difference between top candidates. Enjoy the new challenge.

  66. Paul Brooker says:

    I had two sessions with Elizabeth ahead of an interview for a senior civil service post and really benefited from her specific and constructive guidance. Elizabeth manages to be encouraging and sternly unequivocal at the same time, and tailors her advice well. Having ‘homework’ between sessions was very helpful in enabling much clearer preparation for the real-life situation of an interview. As well as being specifically useful interview preparation, I found the sessions very positive in promoting wider self-reflection on my own leadership style and areas for development.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Paul. I am glad I was able to help although I didn’t realise I was stern! I think I was quite tough with you because at Director level I knew you could do it. However, I’ll work on my softer side.

  67. Maya says:

    I applied for an HEO position at the Civil Service. I had no idea how to improve my scores but after the first telephone call with Elizabeth it was clear she knew the ins and outs of how the interviews are marked. We went through the competency questions and scenarios in detail, and at each stage she provided me with feedback and coached me so that I could draw upon my own experience and make the answers stronger. I was successful at interview at both roles that I applied for. Apart from this, I found Elizabeth to be an experienced, kind and encouraging coach. I think she really cares and that’s not something that you come across every day. She was easy to get ahold of via email whenever I had a question and I’m grateful for all her help. Thank you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks for you generous comments. I think the civil service interviews are some of the hardest but if you spend time getting depth into the stories, it pays off with a great result. Well done.

  68. Lloyd says:

    I’ve had so many interviews this year approaching 10 but kept not getting the job. My CV was really good so getting an interview was fine, but I couldn’t really sell myself. I had a meeting with Elizabeth on a Thursday before my next interview which would occur on Monday. She highlighted that I wasn’t selling myself and really helped me provide really strong answers. More than anything she gave me the confidence that I needed to know I could get a job.Elizabeth showed me where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to improve. I spent the weekend working on the points she told me to concentrate on.During the interview on Monday I was able to give vary clear answers and knew now that I was actually answering the question. Leaving the interview I knew I had done my best. Well it paid of as yesterday I was told I got the job and start in a few weeks. I will definitely recommend Elizabeth’s services. She knows and has a passion for what she is doing and I know she helped me get the job.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Lloyd, thank you. I am so pleased that I was able to help. Anxiety was just getting in the way of you being yourself and being such an analytical thinker was making it more difficult to answer simply. You just need a boost in confidence and better preparation. Enjoy the new role.

  69. Stuart cross says:

    Elizabeth was so helpful in explaining what interviewers were after and she gave me the skills to get my story across in a way that gave them what they needed. It’s one thing having the answers, and another thing being able to articulate them. Elizabeth’s experience and expertise were invaluable. Thanks.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Stuart. Well done for getting the MD position. You had all the skills and experience and just need a little help in promoting yourself and projecting the energy and gravitas expected. Enjoy the new challenge.

  70. James says:

    Elizabeth was incredibly beneficial in preparing me for my interview as a pilot with British Airways. As I am now working there I can only assume it was a successful outcome! I can truly put most of the success down to her coaching, techniques and the practices I did with her – both via Skype and face-to-face. She clearly explained what I should be looking to achieve in each question I was likely to face, made me improve my interview style and was brutally honest about the items I needed to work on. She has a great deal of information about the specifics of the interviews and the video reviews of the interviews were incredibly worthwhile. If you are looking for any help with techniques for corporate interviews I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi James, it’s good to hear from you again. Thanks for the review. I am glad the simulation test went well after the interview. British Airways are highly sought after and really tough to get in but you did it! Fantastic, well done

  71. Phil says:

    I am in no doubt that I owe my interview success to Elizabeth. I came to her after a tough year at work, too many rejected applications and one particularly disastrous interview. Crippled with self-doubt, I had nothing good to say about myself. Elizabeth used her thorough understanding of how government competence-based interviews work to help me construct compelling stories that gave clear evidence of my skills, abilities, experience and knowledge. Armed with well-prepared answers and Elizabeth’s helpful guidance on self-presentation, I was able to approach my interview with confidence and give a good account of myself. I am very grateful to Elizabeth for her expert coaching and, yes, it was worth absolutely every penny!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Phil, thank you for your generous comments but you know you got the job, not me. You’ve got excellent skills and experience and I really hope that with this new promotion you’ll start to believe this. Think about how you can be promote your achievements more internally so that you see greater recognition from colleagues which in turn will grow your confidence. Enjoy the new environment.

  72. Andy says:

    Just found out that I was successful in a recent interview after receiving coaching from Elizabeth. Can’t thank her enough. The best money I have spent. She really gets what’s required in an interview and has a great way of communicating that to people. If you’re serious about passing your next job interview you need to speak to Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Andy. I am delighted it worked out. Civil Service interviews are particularly challenging and time-consuming to prepare for. You deserve the promotion and now you have a greater understanding of the assessment process you can use this for the next level too!

  73. Eva says:

    I met Elizabeth in a difficult period of my life. I was getting interviews but I always failed. I felt frustrated. The great thing was that she was very empathetic and made real efforts to find out what would be the best choice for me. She highlighted interview mistakes I was not aware of and improved the way I communicate. I also got closer to find out what is the job that would suit me. I managed to get two jobs since our sessions, both of them are positions I really wanted. It took me a long time but finally I am getting my confidence back. I would definitely recommend her coaching sessions.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Eva, I am so pleased that you have found two jobs which you really enjoy and importantly that you feel so much more confident.Find times to celebrate – even for lots of small successes along the way as this does build self confidence.

  74. Jelena Nedeljkovic says:

    Thank you very much Elizabeth, the coaching was perfectly targeted to some challenging interview questions. I haven’t had an interview for four years and coaching helped me to target those questions on a more senior level. Also, you helped me to develop my own authentic examples and improve my confidence. Furthermore, I found coaching in regards to my body language, voice and tempo incredibly helpful as I had the tendency to rush through answers. The end result was a bit unexpected as I was offered a contract after my first interview for the job I wanted. I know that coaching played a fundamental part in this. Thanks again!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Jelena. You had excellent skills and experience for the role and we just need to make sure that the interviewers could see this too. And they did! Well done.

  75. PWC says:

    Having failed 3 partners interview in a row, and feeling deflated for a very long time, I decided to see Elizabeth. As soon as I met here for our very first consultation she made me feel at ease and opened my eyes instantly about my own abilities. She then taught me techniques which I will take with me to my grave.
    If your having any difficulty what so ever in regards to any type of interview, I recommend you to see Elizabeth Conley. She’s thoughtful, caring, a hard working professional and very easy to approach in any situation.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you. Remember you did all the hard work yourself and had excellent experience. You just needed a little guidance on what PwC are looking for. Go and celebrate lots!

  76. Ebrahim says:

    I booked for training session for my skype interview. It was sooo great and very beneficial session. Spent 1 hour with Elizabeth in skype and she guide me to all importants information and guide me to step by step on expected questions.

    With her training i manged to pass my first interview with positive feedback.

    I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wanted perfect guides prior to any interviews as she shows a unique skills and share professional knowlage

  77. Retired Police Officer says:

    I retired from the police having served thirty years, so my last interview was 31 years ago! Prior to meeting Elizabeth I had three unsuccessful interviews as I was confident that I knew what I was doing. My wife suggested interview coaching and found Elizabeth, I was initially very sceptical. After our initial telephone consultation she was able to fit me in the day before my next interview. Elizabeth was professional and put me at ease immediately. After 10 minutes she stopped the interview and explained that I needed to lose a lot of the police techniques and habits I had acquired. She pointed out mannerisms, aspects of my body language and speech that came across as negative. She gave me alternative strategies, guided and really did coach me, explaining the reasons to me. Her guidance was invaluable. I really felt Elizabeth really tailored her approach to me, rather than it just being generic. Whilst I had the relevant skills and experience for the role I was interviewing for Elizabeth showed me how to present myself and my answers in a positive way. I was offered the role and accepted. I would not hesitate to recommend Interview Skills Clinic. Thank you Elizabeth.

  78. Rachel says:

    I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your help preparing for my interview. Your coaching approach worked really well for me, the interview went well and I got the job! If any of my friends or family are going for a job they really want to get I’m going to recommend they get in touch with you. Rachel

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Many thanks Rachel. Internal roles can always be challenging interviews because you have to promote your skills to people you know and you were already doing the job. However, you took a really thorough approach and the preparation paid off. Enjoy the role.

  79. Elizabeth N Hunt says:

    I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking for some help with regards to interview preparations. Her help is worth the price. When I went to see to her I had missed so many employment opportunities under graduate management training schemes at the physical interview stage and I regretted why I hadn’t gone sooner when a friend recommended her 6 months ago. Using her help I got the role I was after this time and was encouraged to re-apply for the graduate schemes for next year, something I had given up. My mock interview was very helpful in highlighting my weakness as well as strengths. She gave me an insight into how interviews are assessed which in turn gave the confidence during my interview. I will definitely be using her again.
    Thank you Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      You’ve very welcome Elizabeth. You have masses of opportunity ahead and the interivew skills you’ve learnt can be used over and over again. Onwards and upwards without a doubt! Thank you for your review.

  80. Andrew Scott says:

    Thanks very much Elizabeth for your help. I used a number of elements of your service, the CV check, the preparation for Interview and also the mock interview itself. All of these parts added significantly in their own way to my job application. As I was able understand more clearly what would allow me to stand out from the other candidates and ultimately led to my job success. In the mock interview I had questions that then came up in the real interview, so this allowed me to talk and promote myself, which is not something I am used to. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone and am very grateful to her for helping me gain the confidence to get the job I wanted.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Andrew. I’m glad the interviews went well as internal interviews are tricky and more difficult to promote yourself. You’ll be great in the role and will enjoy the promotion and new challenges.

  81. Rafaela says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for your valuable help. I had an amazing training and managed to get my first job in less than one month. Very friendly, supportive and professional!
    I reduced my stress with your professional guide and answer with confident all the interview questions.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Rafaela, well done. You got the job you really wanted so I am delighted for you. There will be lots of new opportunities in the future for you whether you want to stay in the academic sector or move into industry. Thank you for you review.

  82. Reena says:

    Elizabeth gave me valuable tips, which made a vital difference to my preparation for interviews and overall performance. She is a really warm person, who built up my confidence and was very encouraging when I came to her after a number of unsuccessful interviews. I also found it really useful that she offers training at weekends and on Skype. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth’s coaching, which led to 2 job offers for me after 2 sessions. Thank you!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Reena, I am so pleased that the preparation coaching paid off for you. Thank you for generous comments and I know you’ll enjoy the new role.

  83. Oliver Horne says:

    Initially I was sceptical about having the session over Skype but this was unfounded and it proved invaluable. I was able to approach the interview with a new found confidence and ability to respond to all the questions put in front of me. I was offered the job at the end of the interview and I am sure this wouldn’t have been the case had I not had my session with Elizabeth. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      I know how important this interview and career change was for you so I am delighted that our coaching session helped. You’ll love working back with a team again and it’s the right step for you.

  84. Leah Varughese says:

    Elizabeth provided me with some very valuable tips and advice on how to approach interviews and how to consider the organisation’s requirements and needs during this process. I therefore learnt how to tailor my answers to their questions based on this advice, resulting in a successful interview and securing my desired job!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Leah, what an exciting start for you. I think it’s a great company for you and fits perfectly with your degree.

  85. Hayley says:

    I only had one session with Elizabeth and was planning the second one with her. But before the second session started, I had passed an interview and got a job offer. I learnt a lot from the first session with Elizabeth, how to present myself and interview skills. The most import thing is that she helped me build up my confidence, and believe that I could do it.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Hayley. It was such good news that you were successful a few days later. You just needed to believe in yourself a little more. You can use this opportunity to continue to grow your confidence.

  86. Dawn says:

    After missing out on two roles at the final interview stage, I felt I needed some some help to push through that barrier, especially with a final stage interview for my dream job coming up.I initially spoke with Elizabeth on the phone and after our first conversation I felt sure that she would be a great person to work with. We had a very detailed meeting, and it was obvious how well Elizabeth had prepared for it. She made herself familiar with the job description I had sent her and had prepared specific questions based on it. I really felt that Elizabeth had designed our meeting around my specific needs. During our meeting Elizabeth coached me through some terrific interview strategies. She also gave me valuable feedback about how I was coming across and my interview style. I felt so prepared for my interview. When my interview came around I felt confident and prepared….. and I got the job! Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and a consummate professional. I’d have no hesitation in recommending her and working with her again. Thanks for your help Elizabeth

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Dawn, many thanks for your review. I know you’ll do fantastically well in the year ahead and it’ll give you the challenge you’re looking for. There will be lots of new opportunities ahead at the end of the year.

  87. Richard says:

    After 4 unsuccessful civil service interviews, Elizabeth provided the insights and expertise neccessary for me to succeed in the interview process and as a result I was successful on the 5th attempt. Looking forward to starting my new career very shortly. Thanks Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Richard thank you. Civil Service interviews are challenging and sharing the right story with sufficient depth to get a high assessment is essential. Once you had these it was much easier to succeed. Well done.

  88. Laurie says:

    Elizabeth helped me identify the core components of competencies that I had not fully grasped in my own preparation. She also brings heaps of experience, guidance on how these complex interviews are scored. This was absolutely fundamental to my interview success. Not only was she extremely helpful, made our session comfortable, easy to get straight in to, she also helped me out at very short notice. I am sure a different outcome would have resulted if not for her expertise. Very good value for money. I will be recommending to friends.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Laurie, You’ve made a real life changing career change and I’m sure you’ll love it.

  89. Amar says:

    Having worked in the mental health sector for over 10 years, I decided to go to University to study for my degree to change my career path and have a break. I decided not to work during my degree as I wanted a break and keep my focus on my studies. Although I don’t regret not working whilst studying, having spent a number of years not in work left be a little rusty and rough around the edges, I felt during the few interviews I had after my studies finished, I wasn’t performing as well as I could which was also having an affect on my confidence.

    I used a search engine to search for an interview coach and I came across Elizabeth’s website. The website was easy to use and straightforward. Not being part of a company which offers masses of services was an advantage as it gave a personal touch and not one where money and fee’s would be the main concern as i wasn’t working at the time and affordability was a key factor. I’m really glad I did as after speaking to Elizabeth, I didn’t feel pressurised into buying a service and she allowed me to explain what I wanted, what I felt I needed improving on and how she could facilitate that process which was the key selling point for me.

    The coaching session was really helpful as it allowed me to plan my interview technique and think about my responses during an interview. Although I had come across some of the techniques prior to our session, Having Elizabeth go through it was definitely useful. I was also provided with an audio file of the session and electronic notes which was another bonus. The interview we prepared for did not go as successfully as I wanted it to however, with the right tools in place I felt I knew what I needed to do in preparation for any future interviews and kept working on them. Since then, I have been successful in a number of interviews and have accept one of those roles which I am really please about as I start my new job next week!

    In summary, I would recommend the service provided as it is a personalised, honest, professional and friendly service and she has kept in touch to see how things are! For me personally, there was a need to build my confidence, structure my interview responses and use techniques to answer questions which Elizabeth helped me with, the rest was down to me to believe in myself and perform on the day! Thank you very much!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Amar. I was just looking back at my notes and surprisingly we only had a 1 hour Skype session together. You did really well to go away and practise the new techniques yourself. Once you had the right tools you kept working on them until you got the result you want. It demonstrates that success does take preparation and practise but it’s worth it in the end. Enjoy the new role.

  90. Jeremy says:

    After several failed attempts at consulting-style interviews and assessment days, after a session with Elizabeth I really understood for the first time what the interviewer was really looking for and how they evaluated candidates. Despite a very short space of time between coaching and interview, Elizabeth helped me focus on what I needed to do to maximise the time that I had. She provided very specific and personal advice based on the job I was interviewing for. The difference in the interview was immediate and I’ve been able to secure an offer. Don’t underestimate the value of a good coach!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Jeremy. Preparing in the right way pays off. Well done. You’ll have a great experience. See you in a few years maybe.

  91. Linda says:

    This was the second successful job search that I have worked with Liz to prepare for interview. She provides that extra insight into what the employer is looking for based on the job description and the candidate specification. Liz helped me to effectively prepare and highlight my skills and strengths in the interview. She managed to fit me into her schedule at very short notice for which I am very grateful. Thank you very much Liz.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Linda, you did amazingly well again. Onwards and upwards. With such ambition I am sure I will see you again in a couple of years. Have fun in the new role.

  92. Nokutenda says:

    Being an A level student, I had very little experience with interviews and I had four upcoming interviews to study pharmacy, which worried me. My biggest concern was the Russel group universities. A week before my first interview, Elizabeth increased my confidence greatly, as she did not only prepare general and mathematical questions, she also went out her way to prepare questions related to my course. Also, her feedback and coaching was the most helpful. She picked up areas that needed improvement and provided great feedback. We also focused on how I spoke and my posture and what to do in stressful situations.I was prepared even for the most challenging questions. Due to this, there were no questions that “tripped” me up. I was successful at all my interviews and obtained offers in 1-3 days. There was this warmth and enthusiasm about Elizabeth that made me feel comfortable.
    It was money DEFINITELY well spent and I would not hesitate to recommend her because it will set you up for success in the future!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Nokutenda, I was so pleased that you got all the offers you wanted. I thought your drive to do well and to work hard was inspirational. Good luck with the course. I am sorry to be so late in accepting this review. Vary sadly my lovely Mother passed away last week and I have had to take time off.

  93. Stephen says:

    I had four lengthy sessions with Elizabeth, with numerous emails and quick calls, over the period of six months while interviewing for several Senior Management positions in the public sector, the final one successfully.Beforehand I had thought I was quite good at presenting myself confidently, but her attention to detail (hand gestures too violent, where to look when thinking, taking off watches that clunk on the table, etc, etc), and ability to see what it was required in each interview, transformed by performance. She was also very strong outside the practice sessions in reviewing my stock of competency examples and refocusing them on the skills required. I think she provides a nice balance of professionalism with warmth, and clearly wants to understand her clients, their idiosyncratic strengths and foibles. The experience has very much changed my view of interviewing from a ‘win-some/lose-some’ amateur approach, to a career-transforming skill to be acquired and worked at in its own right. Thank you, Elizabeth, I will certainly ask for your help again if and when I face the next step up. And thank you for dragging me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with Skype!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Stephen. It was a pleasure to work together. You had some tough interviews but the effort was worth it. Enjoy the new challenge.

  94. Simon says:


    Thanks you so much for your assistance in helping me prepare for a Grade 6 competency based interview. As a Chartered Surveyor working in the Civil Service I felt that I had a sufficient professional skills for the role but I recognised that I needed help with my presentation skills and your coaching over a couple of sessions was instrumental in getting the role. You recognised the areas I needed to work on and set me tasks that would help me and give me confidence.
    Money well spent, I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.


    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Simon. I gave you some new tips and techniques but you went away and did all the hard work. I am so pleased it paid off. Understanding how what the interviewer is looking for makes all the difference. I’m sure the new job will go well.

  95. Abbie says:

    I contacted Elizabeth as I had upcoming interviews for graduate schemes with two firms. I had never attended a competency-based/ strength-based interview before so I was feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. I don’t think I truly understood what graduate employers were looking for or how to use the STAR response effectively. Elizabeth was extremely helpful. We spoke on the phone and I told Elizabeth what I was applying for etc. We then booked a Skype session. On Skype, Elizabeth had prepared a shared powerpoint which outlined what skills employers look for, what types of questions they ask and some examples, how to approach the questions and how they are marked. She gave me a list of competencies to prepare, following the criteria outlined in the powerpoint, for the next session. After the skype call she emailed me the powerpoint and voice recording of the conversation- VERY USEFUL! Our next session was the mock interview. This was the real turning point for me. Elizabeth would act as the interviewer asking me typical questions across a range of competencies. After hearing my response she would then recommend ways to improve my answers and body language. This session was also recorded on video which she emailed to me. Throughout my whole experience with Interview Skills Clinic Elizabeth was very quick to reply to emails and was available to speak on the phone if I had any queries.
    I was lucky enough to get offers from both companies- I would not have had this outcome without Elizabeth’s amazing coaching, motivation and support. She really built up my confidence and understanding of the interview process. I would highly recommend contacting her if you are going for an interview as it really could be the difference between getting the job or not. Thank you very much Elizabeth!!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Abbie, thank you for giving such a comprehensive description of the coaching process. This will be really useful for other graduates. You did fantastically well. The hard work paid off and you can start a great career with one of the big 4! I know you’ll love it.

  96. Richard Anstead says:

    I was able to see Elizabeth at short notice after being selected for interview. Her initial consultation over Skype helped me assess my development areas and a two hour in person session really help me with improving my responses, focus on key messages and be much more conscious of my body language. With Elizabeth’s help I was successfully appointed as Managing Director of a pioneering Fair Trade company.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Richard, many thanks. It was a long selection process for you but worth it. I am so pleased that you got the position you deserved. Enjoy the new challenge.

  97. Golnaz says:

    She is fantastic. My second experience working with her shows how expertise. I already recommend her to my friends so recommend her to you too if you want a big success 🙂

  98. Marcy says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for your patience and professionalism. English is not my first language but I followed the skills I learnt during the session and I have now got a job offer after failing three times last year! I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Marcy. You had great experience and skills and just needed a little help on Skype in getting it across. Enjoy the new job.

  99. Feras Al-Jayoosi says:

    Review: The best interview coaching I’ve had in a long time. I was provided with virtually all of the interview assessment criteria and scoring needed. I managed to improve the depth and quality of interview answers, and put this into practice in real interviews. Real interview training and gets straight to the point, lets you know exactly what you need and how to prepare. Thank you very much.

  100. Bruce says:

    I got in touch with Elizabeth having been extremely nervous about an upcoming interview – I have had other interviews before where I have performed very poorly, which made me feel even more anxious. I booked a free consultation and forwarded my information. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable, patient and kind from start to finish – she really gave me great confidence to get the job which was just what I needed. I booked an interview preparation session and a mock interview session, both over Skype.
    Through the preparation session, Elizabeth told me exactly how I would be assessed and created a personalised plan just for me. She tailored our sessions to focus on both my weakest points and the most important things that the interviewer was looking for. Not only did this save a considerable amount of time and worry, but I was able to go into the interview knowing that actually, I could succeed. The mock interview session followed a few days later, which allowed us to go over all that I had been working on, and really hone in on how to take my responses to the next level and flourish in the interview. AND I GOT THE JOB! Much more than that, I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities, and certainly better prepared for interview situations in the future. Elizabeth even suggested other resources I could use to help me further, and e-mailed me on the day. She really is a superstar and has made a massive difference to my life – I can’t thank her enough for the impact she has had on my future. If you’ve got any doubts, just try a consultation – you’ve got everything to gain!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Bruce thank you for such generous comments. You know you had all the skills and experience you needed to get the job. You just needed someone to show how to get this across in an interview, and how to satisfy their assessment process. I know you’re going to do really well. I shall look out for you.

  101. Patrick says:

    I needed someone who understood the public sector and I needed to prepare for a challenging interview – I took a chance with Elisabeth because I had no personal recommendation. Thankfully Elizabeth knows the public sector and how to make sure I was prepared for the interview – not easy, I was very nervous! Thanks to her approach and good advice (and some hard work myself!), I was prepared and more confident. And, I got the job! I would recommend Elizabeth to a friend.

  102. S D Linney says:

    Elizabeth did an excellent job of helping me prepare for my competency-based interview with the United Nations. Her advice was very clear and to the point and she did not hesitate to tell me when she thought one of my prepared answers was unsuitable or needed to be changed. The two coaching sessions that I had boosted my confidence and contributed significantly towards my success.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you for your comments. I love it when clients succeed with Skype session because it demonstrates the importance of getting some depth to the answers rather than just focusing on body language. I know you’ll do well.

      • elizabeth elizabeth says:

        Thank you Patrick. I do appreciate the feedback. You really had no need to feel nervous. You had all the skills and experience you needed for the role. You’re right preparing properly for an interview does take hard work but it pays off.

  103. Elliot Bird says:

    Elizabeth was absolutely fantastic as an interview. I had two sessions and got my current job in the next interview I had! I would definitely recommend Elizabeth for anyone who is having trouble finding work, especially new graduates like myself.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Elliot, it was a difficult interview as the job specification was unusually vague. So you did very well at impressing them especially as they had to invite many candidates back to me interviewed again as the first interview was so tough. You can relax now!

  104. Charlie says:

    I am a recent graduate with a year’s placement experience in my industry and thought that I would find it easy to get interviews. However, despite sending many CVs with tailored covering letters it was months before I received my first positive response. My only interview experience had been with two small companies, so I went to Elizabeth to prepare for the competency-based interviews that larger companies use. I spent four hours with her and came away with a refreshed CV, a knowledge of my “competencies” and belief that I could succeed.

    Although that first positive response did not lead to an interview, offers followed very quickly when I applied using my refreshed CV, so I took a further hour of Elizabeth’s coaching to polish my performance. One smallish employer offered me a job after two interviews but I turned it down because I was waiting on the results of my second interview with a large corporate who I really wanted to work for. Fortunately they also offered me a job, and I start later this month.

    Without Elizabeth’s help my CV was almost useless at presenting my worth, and without her coaching to develop my “competency stories” and interview performance there is no way I would have got through even one interview. Without doubt every penny was money very well spent. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to secure their dream job.

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Charlie, thank you for comments and I am pleased that you mentioned the CV coaching. It’s often overlooked but the CV is an important first step in promoting yourself. Without an interview nobody can get a job. I knew you would quickly succeed once you got more interviews. You just needed a confidence boost. Enjoy the role!

  105. Anastasiia says:

    To get a job in the UK being a non-European citizen is really tough. You have to be incredibly good at the interview as you need to convince a company that you are worth of their visa sponsorship, that you are better than British and European applicants for this position. I have been job hunting for two years unsuccessfully and my confidence got close to zero. I was about to give up. Interview coaching with Elizabeth was a life saver. After only 2 hour session with Elizabeth I was able to pass successfully interviews in two amazing companies, but, unfortunately, even though they were impressed with my interview performance, they could not sponsor my visa for different reasons. So I had to continue my job search and hope for the best. And recently I got invited to the assessment centre at the massively successful company. Assessment centre included written, group and presentation exercises, along with final interview with senior executive. I decided to seek for Elizabeth’s help again. First of all, her advice on group and written exercises was incredibly helpful. I have been given a feedback by the assessors saying that I did exceptionally well during those parts of the AC. In addition, during the 2 hour presentation coaching session Elizabeth helped me to bring the best out of my presentation. Elizabeth not only taught me how to deliver the presentation, she even helped to restructure it and basically rewrite some bits. Today I got a call from the senior executive, saying that they are happy to give me an offer and sponsor my visa. Obviously, everything now depends on whether the UK home office will approve my visa application, but anyway, because of Elizabeth’s coaching, now I have a real chance to get a new job in England. 2 sessions with Elizabeth were a life changers. She helped me not only during our meetings, but even spent an extra time looking for written report samples for my written exercise, and edited my presentation in her own personal time on the weekend. I am so incredibly grateful. I would 100% recommend Elizabeth’s coaching to anyone struggling with their interviews. If you really want to succeed in your next interview, book a session with Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Anastasiia, I’ve just sent you an email so I won’t repeat it but thank you for your generous comments. You didn’t give up but just kept on going. I’m so pleased that others recognise your potential too. 2016 is going to be your year!

  106. Hammad says:

    Having failed a similar competency based interview I thought it would be a good idea to get some coaching. Elizabeth was fantastic, preparing me just in two sessions! She really helped me prepare some good examples and improve my confidence. Thank you very much Elizabeth! I got an offer and the hard work with Elizabeth paid off!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Hammad, I am so pleased for you. I know that you and your parents must be feeling chuffed. It’s such a fantastic opportunity for you. Now you can just focus on your exams knowing that the next stage is sorted for you. Well done!

  107. Lola says:

    A big thank you to Elizabeth for the coaching. It has definitely helped me in terms of approaching my interviews in this economically challenging environment. I was going through many interviews and somehow, I wasn’t getting the job. Despite thinking I had adequate preparation, I soon realised something wasn’t right and I decided to seek help.

    I had two consultations with her, phone and face-to-face. I enjoyed the sessions as I find them very productive. Elizabeth corrected my gestures, approach and guided me into providing relevant answers to the questions asked. I took upon her advice and built my interview approach accordingly. I have since found a job with an organisation that I want to be with. I’m very grateful to her for assisting me with this journey.

    However, a piece of advice for all job-seekers out there, do maintain a positive mindset mindfully, no matter how tough it may seem and you will get there.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Lola, many thanks for your comments. You absolutely right, keeping a positive mindset is essential whilst job hunting otherwise a dip in confidence can start to show in the body language. You set your goal high depsite some setbacks and have now achieved the role you wanted. Enjoy the job.

  108. Min says:

    I am an international student, English is my second language and spent two hours to have interview coaching session with Elizabeth. At first, I was really worried about my language may block me to carry on the coaching session, but Elizabeth help me analyse my individual experience and the possible interview problem, give me the focus of answers of the interview question. She also encourage me to be confident with my language, and show my confidence to the interviewer. Now I get the job by practise and coaching session. The coaching was worth doing. I am very glad even it is just a part-time job position not graduate job. I hope I will get more help from her in my future possible job. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone, thank you again for your help, Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Min, Well done. You see having perfect grammar is not as important as you think. They just wanted to get to know you and be sure you could do the job. Enjoy it.

  109. Ruth says:

    Thank you very much Elizabeth for seeing me at such short notice, and taking the time to coach me on the points I needed to improve on. I was successful in my interview, and got my dream job. Prior to this I had failed in eleven interviews, and was really loosing my self-confidence. The coaching was very precise, and Elizabeth used industry tested methods, but customised them to suit the needs of the person. She has a very soothing voice, and makes you feel completely as ease. The money is well worth it, however I feel planning well in advance, and having a couple of sessions will guarantee success. Getting a job is much harder now, due to the fact that so many people apply for the same jobs. However by having someone like Elizabeth on your side, the battle is sure to be won.Truly grateful, and thank you once again.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you. Once you understand how to prepare stories in depth to match the Civil Service Competency framework you ‘nailed’ the interview. Now your comfidence and career can grow.

  110. Lisa says:

    I turned to Elizabeth for help with my interview technique when I got shortlisted for a job I really wanted. I had been unsuccessful in the past and my confidence was at an all time low. In all I had 3 Skype sessions with Elizabeth, which helped me identify where I had previously gone wrong and develop the skills I needed to interview successfully. The outcome – I GOT THE JOB! The preparation with Elizabeth was invaluable.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m so pleased that the coaching made a difference. You knew you could do the job and coaching just helped you to promote yourself a little more. You clearly stood out from the competition!

  111. Ruma says:

    After failing three interviews, I turned to Elizabeth three days before my interview. In a hour coaching session over skype Elizabeth prepared and taught me how to answer possible interview questions. The coaching was really helpful in terms of supporting me in gaining confidence and showing me the way questions should be answered. Money was well spent as I finally got the job that I wanted. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your support and confidence in me. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to succeed in an interview.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Ruma, thank you. It was a great result for you. It really demonstrates the importance of preparing in the right way. You may have only had an hour Skype but you then took the time to follow the techniques. This takes trust and hard work. Enjoy the new job.

  112. Camelia says:

    I totally recommend Elizabeth, she is a great interview coach. I had a first session with her, face to face, and soon after I have received an offer, after falling lots of interviews. With her help and the recorded mock interview, I was able to see my mistakes and worked to improve my technique.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Camelia, I so pleased that you succeeded so quickly. I’m sure you’ll love being in a new environment with different challenges. Sometimes a change is just what we all need.

  113. Adrienne says:

    I found Elizabeth’s professionalism, wealth of experience, personal warmth, and consummate skill enormously helpful to rebuild my confidence and presentation at interview. She worked with me to understand my experiences and performance issues at interview, and to build, practically and emotionally, the mindset and techniques to project myself positively, and frame my experience and skills in a convincing and engaging way. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Adrienne, thank you. It was a pleasure working toghether. The new job will grow your confidence even more. I know you can go even further!

  114. Jane says:

    Elizabeth’s help and advice for my interview was invaluable. Her feedback and guidance was spot on and really helped me to both understand the mechanics of the interview as well as build up my confidence for the interview. The work Elizabeth did with me was very constructive without being critical and I believe was instrumental in helping me to get the job.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Jane. I know how much work you put into the preparation and I’m so pleased for you that it paid off.

  115. Sarah Javaid says:

    Just want to say a big thank you to Elizabeth for all the useful hints and tips. The face to face coaching was brilliant, I was expecting a serious person to tell me how rubbish I was. But Elizabeth was very pleasant and she put me immediately at ease which made the coaching much more interesting. Skype session was very useful for me and hearing myself back helped me alter the way I was answering questions and adjust my tone of voice.The Interview panel was blown away by the way I presented myself and answered the questions, I was successful In getting the job. I couldn’t have done it without the extra help from Elizabeth. If you have an interview coming up as this will increase your chances of success.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Sarah, many thanks. You were doing the job so had all the experience you needed. It was just about learning how to tackle the competency questions which you clearly did very well. I am glad you got the promotion you deserved.

  116. A Patel says:

    I thoroughly recommend Elizabeth. Elizabeth immediately recognised where I was making errors in my interview preparation and after having coaching sessions, moral support and such excellent, useful and encouraging help and guidance, Elizabeth completely changed my interview techniques, enabling me to secure a renowned graduate role. I am so happy to have approached Elizabeth, who has helped me to have more confidence and changed my perspective towards interviews. Thank you so very much for such wonderful guidance and coaching!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Avni, I am so pleased for you. You can now pursue what you really want to do instead of accepting second best. Thank you for your generous feedback.

  117. Henry says:

    I would like to start my feedback by saying that Elizabeth’s one-to-one interview coaching sessions are worth every penny!

    By the time I decided to enlist her help I was in a very dark place, I was a desperate and depressed man. I had reached a point where every interview opportunity was a nightmare situation. However, during the one-to-one session she was able to pin point areas where I was going wrong and told me precisely what I needed to do in order to improve my chances at the next job interview.

    What I really liked about her session was her honesty, she told me what I needed to hear! some times the truth hurts but doing the opposite would have been a disservice to me, even though I didn’t get the job offer immediately following coaching session, the good seed had been planted nevertheless, in my case it was third time lucky! I finally landed my dream job, which I started at the beginning of September.

    And one more thing, during the initial consultation, I informed her that I was unemployed and surviving on limited resources, however, she was kind enough to accommodate my situation at a reduced rate. I have nothing but massive praise for Elizabeth Conley!

  118. James says:

    I was looking for the second job in my career and realised I had never had a professional interview before – so I had two sessions with Elizabeth before my panel interview (over Skype and in person). Videoing our sessions was especially helpful. I was offered the job and in the feedback they gave me I was told I had scored the highest of all the candidates! Without Elizabeth’s methodical coaching and experienced approach I would never have known how to present myself, how the job description should be analysed in preparation for the interview and how to give full answers for competency based questions. Reading blogs and looking at YouTube videos is just inadequate and misleading.

    I would highly recommend Elizabeth and I have no doubt I will call on her services again. Thank you Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      James thank you. I know you’ll do a great job and clearly the interviewers could see this too. Enjoy the role.

  119. gary chow says:

    I had a great experience and particularly enjoyed the video sessions. I felt encouraged and motivated. Elizabeth has changed how I feel about job interviews for the better.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Many thanks Gary. You were a good communicator already and we just worked on making subtle changes to stand out in a tough competency interview. I know you put a lot of time into the preparation and I’m so pleased it paid off for you.

  120. Sophia Anwar says:

    I would like to say a big thank you to Elizabeth for helping me to succeed in finding a suitable position.
    I contacted Elizabeth as I desperately needed to move from my temporary position as a pharmacist to a permanent post. I had been searching for over a year and had applied for numerous jobs- I always managed to get an interview but failed to attend on every occassion…. due to anxiety and not believing in myself… it had turned into a vicious cycle.
    Elizabeth simplified everything and taught me how to prepare for my next interview and build on my confidence. I had a few struggles along the way and did not have time to have face to face interview with Elizabeth.
    However, with the support of Elizabeth, I actually made it to the interview! Unfortunately, despite getting excellent feedback on my interview, I came a close second to getting the job, but did not get offered the post.
    I applied for a second job- which comprised two
    separate interviews- a technical interview and a value based interview. I applied everything Elizabeth taught me, and was offered the post! I am still shocked! This was all in an matter of two months!
    I still need to work on my self belief, but feel confident in preparing for and attending interviews. I definitely do not have the same level of anxiety and understand the process far better.
    I also learned a great deal about myself in this process and actually look forward to my next interview (maybe next year) and would recommend Elizabeth highly. The support she provided was clear, effective and personable. Elizabeth is brilliant at recognising an individual’s needs and tailoring the support specifically to achieve their goals, including taking into account their current commitments and time constraints.
    As someone who works for the NHS, providing a high quality service is a key goal for me and I would say that the service Elizabeth has provided me with is of a very high quality and comes highly recommended.
    Thank you again Elizabeth for your excellent advice support and care.


    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you for your generous comments. You did all the hard work and were actually fantastic all along but had just got into a cycle of self-doubt. I’m so pleased that you got the job you deserve and can use this experience to grow your confidence.

  121. Jennifer says:

    I was transitioning from a technical role to a senior executive role. A session with Elizabeth helped me to articulate my experience as well as gain much needed confidence! Thank you again and would highly recommend you!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Jennifer, it was a pleasure to work with you on Skype. A boost of confidence is all that was needed. Well done.

  122. Shaun says:

    I contacted Elizabeth specifically to give me confidence in answering competency style questions in an interview. I really struggled with this aspect of an interview and although I was familar with the STAR format I was unable to make this work for me.
    I was impressed with Elizabeth’s coaching style and willingness to help me ensure I used my strengths to overcome this personal barrier. I have just had 2 job offers in the same week and can honestly say Elizabeth has helped to give me the confidence in myself to achieve and overcome my personal barriers.
    Thank you again Elizabeth

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Shaun, I’m so pleased for yuo. You’ve done so well. 2 job offers in 1 week! You cracked the competency based interview approach and let your personality shine through. Enjoy the new role.

  123. Joan says:

    I had two sessions with Elizabeth. They were truly excellent and really boosted my confidence for the interview. I was preparing for an interview for an academic position and she knew exactly what was required. I felt so prepared going into the interview that I really flew through it. I got the promotion and I thanks to Elizabeth I did the best interview I possibly could.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Joan, thank you. Your success in the interview demonstrates for me the importance of taking a focused approach. It was an excellent match of competencies versus your experience. We just had to work on getting this across to the panel in the interview with relevant stories and confident body language which you did. Well done!

  124. Anna says:

    I contacted Elizabeth when I was preparing for my first UK interview in banking sector. As an international student, I wasn’t really familiar with the procedures and also quite nervous about my upcoming interview. I did three sessions with Elizabeth (one before every round) and got the job in the end!

    Elizabeth made me feel so much more comfortable about my skills and gave honest feedback. My communication style changed enormously just in three sessions and Elizabeth boosted my confidence – I was absolutely the best possible version of myself in the interviews, thanks to her. Our sessions were tailored to my needs and the exercises were extremely useful. We practised competency based questions, technical questions and polished up my answers to personal and motivational questions.

    I would highly recommend coaching as it made a huge difference to my interview skills.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Anna, thank you. You did really well. It was a long process but worth it in the end. It’s a fantastic start for you and will open up many opportunities. You can now focus on your dissertation.

  125. Emmanuela says:

    I am very grateful to Elizabeth for helping me fine-tune my interview skills. She is very experienced, knows the field extremely well, and inspired confidence to me from the first few minutes.

    I contacted Elizabeth after having a disappointing interview experience, which left me wondering what I was doing wrong. I had two hours of coaching with her, followed by a day of intensive preparation according to her instructions. I am proud to say I went on to have a very positive interview experience and the job of my dreams!

    I wish I had contacted her earlier – it would have saved me so much stress and self-doubt.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Emmanueala, I was so delighted for you. You went into the interview not expected to get it and you did after just one session together. It highlights for me that the key to interview success is not the session with me but the time clients put in after the session. Well done, I know how hard you worked.

  126. Adam Lacey says:

    I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s coaching style and learnt a great deal from the sessions. Our focus was on answering competency based questions, and I found that even though I had taken quite a number of competency based interviews, I still had quite a bit to learn about how to properly master them. Elizabeth was a great help in achieving that goal.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Adam thank you. I know how frustrating it was for you that you didn’t get the competency based interview questions that you were expectating but fantastic that you did so well anyway. I think the Civil Service competency interviews are the hardest and once you had prepared for it you were actually prepared for anything. Enjoy the new role.

  127. Golnaz says:

    Elizabeth is a fab coach. I could build up my confidence and interviews techniques.
    She was very supportive.Thanks to her.
    After my session with her, I could pass several jobs interviews ang got my job at the end 🙂

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Golnaz, I think the Childrens Centre are lucky to have found you. I really hope that this success will grow your confidence and encourage you to use your qualifications to the full and reach your potential.

  128. elizabeth elizabeth says:

    Hi Sara, it’s been lovely to be your mentor and work together to start a new career. At times, you may have felt like it was impossible dream but you’ve made it! I’m so excited for you. Now you jsut need to show them what you’re capable of. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

  129. Sara says:

    Elizabeth is brilliant and can’t thank her enough for helping with my confidence and helping me get the job I wanted. She helped me to overcome nerves and how to apply body language. Thank you Elizabeth

  130. Stefadian horne says:

    I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for her coaching, thanks to her I got the job I wanted! The sessions were full of lightbulb moments and her support was down to the finest details, from preparing a really good cv that got me the interview, to giving me the confidence and the right techniques for the best answers, from adopting the right body language to the style of dress I should use. The recorded sessions were very helpful and all in all it has been an incredibly helpful experience. Thank you!!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Stef, you deserve it. You put all the work into getting this job and got it. Well done, and it was your first application! I hope you can now believe how valuable your skills are.

  131. Louise says:

    Elizabeth helped me to compose myself for an interview; formulate answers for certain interview questions; and gave me confidence.
    I fully recommend her guidance.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Louise, I think you have naturally strong communication skills. You felt disadvantaged working part-time and I was able to give you the extra confidence you needed for the interview. Fantastic result. I’m so pleased for you.

  132. Ian Lloyd says:

    My son Alec is a fairly “private” 22 year old. A Graduate in Business and Marketing but had a limited outlook when it came to job hunting. He has had a number of interviews but doesn’t pass to the 2nd or 3rd.

    I found Elizabeth online then researched her credentials. She appeared to be the person for him. The sessions with Elizabeth have brought him out of himself, she has explained how to interview, eye contact, correctly dressed that sort of thing. She explained how to write a good CV, how to research the job position and to be able to focus his applications around the position.

    All the things that a Dad can’t seem to explain to a son who feels that help is not required.

    He had a number of face to face sessions and a Skype session with Elizabeth. He seems a different person ! A lot more drive and focus, more conversation about what he is doing and more open to Dad’s comments and discussions about jobs and life in general.

    Alec now has a junior management role with a major retailer, he is involved with the company charity, the “youth voice” peer group and is now moving forwards.

    If your son or daughter lacks that bit of drive or perhaps doesn’t know “which way to go”, try Elizabeth, she knows what she is doing and does it very well…………thank you Elizabeth

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Ian, the difference was really apparent to me in the last coaching session I had with Alec. He had taken on board my feedback and was actively looking to see how he could substantiate his experience for an interview and seemed so motivated. I am so pleased he got the position he wanted. He demonstrates what can be achieved with clear direction and drive. I’m sure he’ll continue to do well.

  133. Emma says:

    I was recommended Elizabeth’s services by a friend of mine, and it is with absolutely no hesitation that I would recommend her to anyone preparing for an interview.
    I had two sessions with Elizabeth prior to my interview. She is incredibly well organised and was able to fit me in at very short notice. Unfortunately due to my work commitments I was not able to meet with her face to face, however the skype sessions worked really well. Elizabeth was very well prepared, with materials to show me at the ready.
    Her coaching style is encouraging, yet honest. She quickly identified my areas for improvement and used the time wisely to focus on these. She provided very clear explanations as to how behavioural interviews are scored, most commonly asked questions, how to identify possible questions based on the role description as well as tips for preparing effectively in your own time.
    I honestly can’t thank Elizabeth enough. The sessions ensured I went into my interviews confident and prepared, and resulted in me being offered the role.
    Thank you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Emma, thanks. I’m so glad that you feel the coaching made a difference. You’ve got a great job ahead of you. I feel excited for you! Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

  134. Fraser Cooper says:

    Well what can I say! The time that I spent with Elizabeth changed how I approach an interview enormously. I had an interview with easyJet to become a pilot for them in March 2014 and I was unsuccessful. I was fortunate enough to be given another opportunity to interview with them in April 2015.

    Before my second interview I knew I had to improve my interview skills. Knowing what to expect was very helpful, competency based questions! Elizabeth has lots of experience when it comes to airlines interviews and she pointed me in the right direction in what and how to present my answers.

    Highly Recommend. I owe it all to her for my new Job at easyJet!

  135. Jane says:

    I cannot praise Elizabeth’s skills enough. I had never been for an competency based interview before; in fact I haven’t really had a formal interview for over thirty years. Elizabeth was very reassuring but honest. She had some great tips for building confidence and I got the job!

    Elizabeth’s last tip is to make sure I celebrate, which is what I am about to do.

    Many thanks for all your hard work.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Jane, you totally deserve the job. It’s sometimes more difficult to persuade the interviewers that you can be naturally quiet but still have strong interpersonal skills for staff management and customer relations. You’ve done it!

  136. Stella says:

    I contacted Elizabeth at the point where I had had about ten interviews, and not been offered a job. Working with Elizabeth helped me prepare better for my NHS competency-based interview, and not only did I feel much more confident before going into the interview, I presented myself better in terms of appearance as I dressed as advised (something I had neglected before), and I talked fully about my skills and abilities, whereas previously I was shutting down. I think being able to practice my interview skills so intensively was the key to me being able to just keep on talking positively about myself for thirty or so minutes! I would definitely use Elizabeth’s services again, and only wish I had helped myself in this way earlier.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Stella, thank you. You had more than enough skills for the job. Now you can go back to being the strong listener that you are which is great for your role with patients rather than talking about yourself!

  137. Sarah says:

    After being unsuccessful in a range of interviews over the past few years, my confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low. I recognised I need to take action to change my work life if I was going to develop my career. I had heard a great deal about coaching to help people achieve their goals but did not have anyone who came recommended to me. After spending a long time searching the internet, I contacted Elizabeth for assistance. By this time, I was applying for a post and needed some urgent help.
    Elizabeth’s response was fantastic. Every email was responded to on the same day, my queries were answered and she very kindly manage to help me at short notice.
    I can honestly say, this is my first experience of having a coach and I cannot recommend it enough. In such a short time, Elizabeth had identified the problem and we began working on it instantly. Her intuition, insight and communication skills are second to none. In 3 hours I learnt more about myself, my abilities, strengths etc than I have attending numerous courses. Not to mention the rapport between us was instant.
    I was shortlisted and offered the job – which I accepted. SUCCESS!I will not stop there as I also recognise the value of ongoing coaching, which is my next step.
    I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough. This was money truly well invested.
    Thank you Elizabeth and see you soon.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Sarah for such generous comments. You remind me about why I love my job. Enjoy your new role.

  138. Muna says:

    Elizabeth is a star! At the last minute I booked a 2-hour session with Elizabeth in preparation for three interviews I had coming up. The interviews went very well, her strategy was extremely helpful especially in preventing me from having blank moments right after a question. The preparation process she taught me also gave me great confidence as I felt that the examples I had prepared could answer many questions,also I definitely prefer the CARE structure to STAR. I received offers from all three!! YEAY! Thank you Elizabeth, I will certainly contact you again in the future.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Muna. It always makes my day when I hear the success stories. I great result from just one session! It just goes to show it is all about the right preparation. Enjoy the new job.

  139. Luke Scofield says:

    Prior to working with Elizabeth I really struggled with job interviews. I was nervous and had little self confidence when it came to job interviews. Elizabeth’s coaching completely changed that. She showed me different ways of preparing for interviews and conducting yourself to convince the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job. For that I am extremely grateful. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth’s coaching to anyone who is looking to improve and develop their interview skills to enhance their job prospects.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Luke thank you. It just proves that if you believe in yourself you can do anything. You’ve got lots of skills, aim high and you’ll get there.

  140. Tom B says:

    Many thanks to Elizabeth who helped me with my interview technique which included verbal style and body langauge. The practice sessions and preparation meant that I ‘hit the ground running’ at the start of the interview and had lots of energy. The result was that I got a job where there was very stiff competition. I’d definitely recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking to perform well in an interview situation and maximise their chances. I’d especially recommend the 1-2-1 / face-to-face sessions – I felt I built a rapport with Elizabeth immediately and she has lots of useful insights into competency based interviews. Thank you!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Tom many thanks. You had a tough competency interview and the preparation you put in really paid off. Preparation makes the difference and differentiates one candidate from another. I couldn’t be more pleased for you.

  141. Rob says:

    Just a quick note to thank Elizabeth for all her help in preparing me for my interview. It helped enormously and I would (and have) recommended this to anyone who wishes to get the job they want. The preparation gave me the edge, I believe, in allowing me to feel confident and relaxed and able to perform to the best of my abilities. Thanks again, Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Rob. You did all the hard work and totally deserve the job. It was a long process. I know it will go well for you.

  142. Pooja gulati says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your hard work Elizabeth. I was struggling with my interview skills while I was going for interviews. I came across your website and I contacted you for interview advice and help. Thank you so much for fitting me in such short notice and helping me to achieve my potential you have done a great job.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Pooja, you’re very welcome. The fact we turned your situation around so quickly shows that you had all the skills for job but just needed a little help to get this across. I’m sure your new job will go well.

  143. Pilot says:

    I was not contemplating a service like this, nor was I even aware it existed, but after a recommendation from a colleague I thought I’d try it. Elizabeth was fantastic, it’s a very useful way to achieve a new outlook on how you come across in front of an interview panel, and to add that extra finesse to your performance. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone attending an interview, even if you feel reasonably confident already. Thanks again!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      It was a pleasure working with you and helping you achieve your next step. You can’t get much better than BA!

  144. Ali says:

    I would definitely recommend Elizabeth. Having experienced multiple failed vacation scheme interviews at law firms last year, I was in certain need of interview training tailored to my specific areas of weakness. Elizabeth was able to target these precisely, helping me to better convey outward enthusiasm and to speak more clearly, both in an interview setting and in speaking in general. Indeed, the advice she lent me is applicable as much to everyday situations as to job-hunting.

    With her help, I was able to pass the two interviews necessary to secure a full-time graduate scheme in Deloitte’s Audit department. I know I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon her again for future interview endeavours, at any level.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you. You did fantastically well and the practice paid off. Deloitte are a challenging company to join. I know you’ll enjoy and get the most out of the opportunity.

  145. Lorna says:

    I really can’t recommend Elizabeth highly enough – if you are still undecided please just go for it! You won’t regret it. I contacted Interview Skills Clinic after a year of increasingly frustrating interviews, where I was getting close but was never offered the role. I work in the Charity sector where there have been a lot of redundancies and job merges, meaning a very competitive environment. I didn’t have a problem getting interviews, but with each additional no after an interview, my confidence had reached rock bottom and I found I was further under-selling myself , which only served to trap me in a depressing cycle of nos. I had an initial telephone consultation in which my main issues were discussed and I felt a lot more positive and hopeful as a result.

    I then met with Elizabeth several times face to face, which was quite emotional at times. She first filmed me in a mock interview scenario which, when I watched the recording at home, really helped. We worked through a personalised interview preparation document, live person specifications and interview questions together, itendifying the key competencies that would come up at interview. I then worked on my own bespoke suite of competencies, prepared responses to typical questions and rehearsed in front of a mirror. I am over the moon to say I am starting a fantastic job on 7 April with a well-respected charity, closer to home, managing a team of 7 for the salary I was looking for, all thanks to the insight and confidence I gained from Elizabeth’s consultations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Interview Skills Clinic to anyone. Many, many thanks for all your help and advice and I wish you the best of luck for your business : )

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Lorna, success couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. I’m really pleased for you. 2015 is going to be your year.

      • Lorna says:

        That’s very kind of you. I really couldn’t be happier and am being encouraged, challenged, appreciated and respected and most-importantly have my confidence back in spades! Thanks again for all your help.

  146. Megan Cassidy says:

    I had two face to face interview sessions with Elizabeth and they made such a noticeable difference not only to my interview technique but also to my confidence in general. I was successful in an interview after my coaching so I am extremely grateful.

    I would 100% recommend Elizabeth!

    Big thank you!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Megan. I’m sure you’ll get a great deal out of the internship experience and then you can move on and enjoy doing your Masters. Keep in touch.

  147. Kemi Modupe says:

    I am very pleased to say that not only have I secured my dream job, I was informed that I scored very highly out of hundreds of candidates.

    I contacted Elizabeth a few months ago to prepare for a series of gruelling telephone and panel interviews with a large quango. I specifically wanted guidance with competency based interviews, which I had performed poorly at in the past with the same organisation. I also requested help with formatting and delivering presentations, which would form part of my interview.

    My first contact with Elizabeth was a free telephone consultation during which she discussed my CV, feedback from the previous failed interview and the job description/person specification for the new job.
    She gave me tips on what the interviewers would be looking for, and some practice questions to work on before our first meeting.

    Our next three sessions were tough but incredibly rewarding, as we practised mock interviews and Elizabeth explained in detail what I did well and what needed improvement.
    Watching myself on the videos made me squirm but was really helpful in helping me see myself through the interviewer’s eyes.

    Elizabeth made me feel so reassured, motivated and confident that I went to my interview thinking “why SHOULDN’T I get the job?!”. After a nervous three weeks, I received a phone call saying that I had been successful.

    I feel very strongly that the sessions I had with Elizabeth greatly improved interview skills and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Kemi, thank you. You deserved the job after all your hard work and patience. The application process was slow! Once you’ve settled down in the new role I will be keen to hear all about it. It’s going to be an exciting change.

  148. RS says:

    Elizabeth is a great interview coach. I was able to benefit from her feedback on my stories and presentation style. Her knowledgable perspective on how to prepare ensured that I was well versed in all my answers which were articulated confidently at the interview. Her encouragement pushed me to achieve my best and her succinct teaching style ensured I got the job!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you! I know you really put the work in over the weekend and the right preparation does pay off. Full credit to you. I’m pleased you were able to make the move from Community to Hospital pharmacy which I know you wanted.

  149. A Ras says:

    I contacted Elizabeth for assistance in my job interview.This is one of the best things I have done to improve my job prospects.She has extensive experience to coach and assist people according to their needs.I found her coaching in particular feedback very helpful during my job interview for senior post in the civil service.I will contribute my success in the interview to her excellent and professional coaching.I would recommend any one who is serious to improve job prospects should contact her and get valuable guidance.It was well worth contacted her for help.
    Thanks a lot Elizabeth for all your guidance and valuable help in getting my new job on promotion.


    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you AR for such a glowing recommendation! You embraced all my recommendations and I know worked hard to get this promotion. You thoroughly deserve the role. Now enjoy it.

  150. Simon says:

    After a long spell out of work and a chaotic year in my personal life, I found myself with zero confidence in interviews. I had an interview approaching for my dream job at a big four audit firm and I knew I needed help if I was to get through it in one piece (let alone actually be offered the job!).

    From the initial 30 min phone consultation with Elizabeth I began to feel much more optimistic – from looking at the job description and my cv together, Elizabeth was able to identify areas to prepare for that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. After that first phone call there was a sense of relief because I knew I wasn’t on my own anymore.

    After a series of sessions with Elizabeth I wasn’t just able to feel well prepared and organised, but I was able to reconnect with my professional identity and actually speak from the heart about issues, topics and experiences that I had encountered throughout my career. Being unable to do this was my fundamental problem and I felt Elizabeth’s coaching got this back on track.

    The interview was a success – it had included a free talking presentation which had filled me with fear beforehand, but I felt so confident speaking that I think it almost sealed the job for me alone!

    I feel that with Elizabeth’s help I have been able to pull my career and my life back on track. I highly recommend her services and will definitely seek her help again for any big presentations I need to prepare for in my new job.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Simon, the only the thing I changed really was helping to restore your confidence. You had all the skills and experience needed to wow them. I know the new job with go well. Keep in touch. Elizabeth

  151. Jan Hanousek says:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for my children’s interview coaching. Yesterday my daughter got an offer from the first vet school interview she went to – and I expect she will get another one from the second interview. My son Nick got an industry internship in a very competitive environment after a session from you as well. A full house within a week! Many thanks again.


    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Jan, You are very welcome. Both Kate and Nick were lovely to work with and they deserve the success they got. I’m sure both of them will have a great time.

  152. Ashok says:

    Thanks Elizabeth,

    I had 1-to-1 coaching interview sessions which were very useful and served it’s purpose. Interview tips, insights and methods were provided so that I was able to perform better at interviews with more confidence in how I must structure and prepare for upcoming interviews. Within 2 weeks of our coaching session, I received an offer for a senior management position within the NHS. In the future, follow services with regards CV and interviews would be beneficial to put myself in the best position.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Ashok. Come back to me when you want to move into private consultancy and we’ll plan out the tactics. I hope you really enjoy the new role.

  153. Felicity says:

    I had applied to University of Oxford, I never actually thought I would receive an invite to attend an interview but I did.
    I was given 6 days to prepare. Luckily Elizabeth was able to accommodate me despite the short notice. I was slightly reluctant to be coached but Elizabeth had previously helped my sister secure a highly competitive job, so I was willing to help boost my own chances this in this highly competitive interview.
    We had my session over Skype, I only had two hours with Elizabeth, but it was VERY PRODUCTIVE!
    She made me feel very comfortable in my own skin and helped me to strengthen my natural abilities, although not many of the questions came up – the preparation itself was very helpful and cemented life lessons which will be also helpful in the future. Elizabeth is a very pleasant coach, who is worth it! She was so helpful and she is definitely one of the people I owe to helping me secure my place at the third best university in the world.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Felicity. I couldn’t be more pleased for you. You’re right, the coaching was about trusting and believing in yourself, and forgetting about the competition. What an achievement – Oxford University! Has your mother got any more children to send me?

  154. Paul Berry says:

    After a particularly brutal (and unsuccessful) interview, I contacted Elizabeth for some much needed help. Her help and advice made such a difference to my approach to both interviews and job hunting in general and boosted my confidence a great deal.

    I’m delighted to say that I was successful at an interview that I had a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t have got to this stage without Elizabeth’s support and advice. It meant I could approach interviews without so much of the fear and dread I had before, as I knew I had prepared properly.

    Thank you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      You’re very welcome Paul. It’s been great to help you return to your initial career and it will be interesting to catch up with you later to find out how the role has changed whilst you’ve been teaching. Keep in touch.

  155. Edward Smith says:

    I attended a one on one coaching session with Elizabeth to address a confidence knock back following an unsuccessful final round interview. I found her manner to be extremely approachable and supportive, whilst offering all the key insights and professional advice I needed to secure my next role… which I did! I came away from our session feeling extremely confident and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work on pre interview nerves.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Edward, you were doing absolutely fine. You interviewed well naturally and just needed that confidence boost to win the interview. Thank you.

  156. Tom says:

    After a run of bad job interviews, I had a Skype session and then a 1-2-1 with Elizabeth. I cannot speak highly enough of her training. She was always patient and constructive in her comments and led me to look at the interview questions in a totally different way. I aced my next job interview and now I’m working in my dream job! I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to improve their interviewing skills.

  157. Ernie says:

    I started my coaching with Elizabeth at a low point in my career – coming out of a redundancy after a major industry shake-up and several close-call rejections after final stage job interviews.

    Working with Elizabeth marked a major turnaround in terms of my confidence and delivery at interviews. Within two months, I got 4 job offers from major global financial services firms and a big 4 company

  158. Ella says:

    Thank you so much Elizabeth for all your help! I had so many interviews and I just wasn’t getting offered a job and it really ruined my confidence so after a while I knew I had to do something about it.

    I found Elizabeth online and booked a Skype session in with her. A few days later I had an interview I was much less nervous and I was successful in getting through to the second stage and I have now been offered the role! I believe Elizabeth has massively helped me re gain my confidence and had a massive impact on me getting this role I am so happy with her services and I would definitely recommend her to others!

    If you are struggling then get in touch with Elizabeth she will 100% help you!

    Thank you again 🙂

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Ella, thank you. You really had just lost your confidence and just needed a little help to focus back on your own strengths and skills. I’m sure you going to love the change and new challenges it will brings.

  159. Michael Bentley says:

    The interview coaching helped calm my nerves and I was able to use the right body language to better express myself. I did not have to go to multiple interviews before securing my current role. Thank you Elizabeth, keep up the good work.

  160. Samantha Parker says:

    After nearly 24 years in policing my head was turned by a job advertisement in my local newspaper. I sought Elizabeth out after being invited for interview for a position I dared to believe could be mine. I was looking for someone who could advise me on what to expect in the interview and help me prepare for the interview which included making a presentation. I had a skype session followed up later with a face to face session in her London office. Elizabeth is incredibly good at what she does. I liked her instantly. She brought the best out in me. I went to the interview knowing I had done all I could to give myself the best chance of success. Well it paid off and I was offered the position! With Elizabeth’s help, I have made it from the beat to the board room.
    Thank-you Elizabeth!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Sam, you made my day! I’m so pleased that I was able to help you achieve your ambitions. Onward and upwards. What’s next?

  161. Eamonn Feeney says:

    Just a couple of sessions with Elizabeth in December made a real difference with son James, who graduated last summer (’14). Her advice on interview technique and more broadly on how to round out his experience stood him in good stead and he got the next thing he went for. Starts Jan 19th as a trainee with study support. So, thank you Elizabeth. You offer a happy combination of specialist stuff like explaining how interviews are scored together with commonsense advice that students won’t always listen to from their parents.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      You are very welcome Eamonn and I’m delighted James will be progressing his career and I know he’ll do well in accountancy. I wish my own son at University would listen to me so easily!

  162. Linda says:

    I would recommend working with Liz when you are preparing for a new job. My sessions with Liz helped to calm my nerves and to restore my confidence. I was changing careers and she helped me to identify the transferable skills that would be most useful to my future employer. I sent her the job description and my CV from which she prepared questions for us to go through. Several of the questions that we practiced actually came up in my interview.

    What I liked most about Liz is the tailored sessions. Need I say, I got the job and Liz has been there giving me advise (free of charge) as I navigated through the stormy waters of a career change.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Linda. Your enthusiasm for changing career and becoming an Actuarial analyst was so contagious, they couldn’t refuse you! You’ll be great at it. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

  163. Jo says:

    For anyone looking for an interview coach I would have no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth who has recently successfully helped my son . He found his discussions with her incredibly helpful and constructive and she was also very accomodating given the tight time scales. From a personal point of view it also made the whole process much less stressful for me!, knowing he was in safe hands.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Jo. It’s great to hear from a parent too. It’s a shame I can’t always get my own 18 year old to listen to me!

  164. SP says:

    After two sessions with Elizabeth, I was selected for a senior legal role. 100 candidates had applied, 12 were called to first interview and 3 to the second. They picked me! I would not have been able to do it without her help.

  165. Nimbe says:

    After having so many telephone interviews without success, I finally met Elizabeth who showed me the ropes through her fantastic coaching lessons. I found the mock interviews very useful. Just after I completed my coaching lessons and mock interviews with her, I attended an interview and got the job immediately.

    If you are out there and looking for tips on how to secure your next job by performing well in an interview, consultation with Elizabeth might just be the missing link to landing your next job. Why not give it a try?

  166. Janet says:

    I recently went through a recruitment process for a lead brand role, in which I was required to answer competency based questions and deliver a strategy presentation. Elizabeth’s session was immensely beneficial in practicing competency answers, keeping to time in my presentation and rehearsing my material. It was an immensely valuable contribution to my preparation process.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Hi Janet, I managed to remove your photo for you, lovely though it was. Have a lovely Christmas and a successful New Year x

  167. Cat G says:

    My skype coaching session was so helpful. It made me aware of so many things that I could improve on that I hadn’t even thought of. And it also taught me far more about what interviewers are looking for so I knew how to structure my responses. I would recommend a practice interview to anyone!

  168. Dave Jones says:

    After graduating from university I had really struggled to find a job, especially considering I decided to go down a completely different route to my degree!
    I was getting the interviews but was really struggling when face to face as my lack of knowledge in the overall area was showing.
    After working with Elizabeth I was able to highlight the my positives in a way that showed I was able to perform the job to the standand of a person who had a degree in that field and best of all I was able to conquer my extreme nerves which had hampered me in all my interviews to date.
    The first job interview I had after my sessions with Elizabeth offered me the role!

    I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for the help she gave me and would recommend anyone else who is struggling to get a job!!

  169. Caroline says:

    I am so pleased that I found Elizabth. I have managed to land a dream job and I’ve no doubt that I couldn’t have done it without her. Elizabeth guided me through a very vigorous recruitment process which has resulted in me being offered a very good job.

    Having previously had great difficulty with competency questions, Elizabeth armed me with the skills and ability to draw on the right experiences and present my responses effectively.

    She made me feel relaxed and taught me to deal with a variety of anxieties which had, in the past, prevented me from presenting myself to prospective employers in the best possible light.

    I have already recommended Elizabeth to a friend. For anybody who is serious about a new position – use her – it’s worth every penny!!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Caroline, that’s very generous of you. Remember, you had the skills in the first place. I just showed you how to promote them a little more. I’m sure you’ll love your new position.

  170. Gareth says:

    For me the main benefit of talking to Elizabeth was learning about how to present myself. Not only was she very useful in pointing out little habits that needed correcting but more importantly she helped me to understand how to convey my character and skillset effectively to an interviewer. The reflection and preparation I did before my mock interview helped me to understand how I see myself and my skill set in a business environment and through that how I could best convey those attributes and opinions. Thanks for all the help

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Gareth, thank you. I’m sure internship with be really interesting. Keep hold of the interview techniques as they will help you when you’re looking for a new job after graduation.

  171. luke bouzguenda says:

    I found my interview sessions with Elizabeth to be very productive. The questions were tailored to suit my profession as a teacher in a secondary school and Elizabeth provided much useful feedback on my body language, tone and structure of my answers. I feel more confident now and ready and prepared thanks to the mock interview sessions with Elizabeth. I would highly recommend to use Elizabeth’s services.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thanks Luke. I know the jobs are only advertised at specific times of year so practise a little every week so you’re ready for the next interview.

  172. Ian says:

    Elizabeth was professional and a pleasure to work with from the outset.
    She has many clear ideas, and her tutoring allowed me to see how I performed and how I can improve my performance further.

    This has significantly improved my present and future confidence for the entire job application process.

    I would definitely be happy to work with Elizabeth again in the future!

  173. Thomas says:

    I found the interview sessions with Elizabeth to be extremely useful, not only in helping me glean a stronger appreciation of what interviewers want to see and hear, and how to approach the interview, but fundamentally giving me greater confidence in myself. I had graduated with a strong degree and masters but was falling at the final hurdle, at both assessment centres and interviews. I had just got down to the final 2 out of 70 for a job I desperately wanted, being pipped at the post at this last stage. I got in touch with Elizabeth on the advice of a family friend who was in a similar position and who was benefiting from Elizabeth’s consultation. Elizabeth was understanding, empathetic and quick to change my mindset, and give me clarity not only on where I was going wrong, but where I was going right. She emphasised my strengths and “likeableness”, which really improved the confidence and self-esteem going to an interview. She provided key information on my body language, tone and structure of my answers.
    Her approach is passionate, enthusiastic and tailored to the individual, there is nothing generic about her sessions, she puts effort into each one and takes the time to prepare before. I secured a job towards the end of the summer – the first interview I went to following Elizabeth’s coaching. I had three sessions of Skype coaching, which were all really helpful. I would thoroughly recommend her services, and will keep in touch. Thanks again

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Tom thank you. I’m glad it made the difference and that you are enjoying your more challenging role. Keep in touch.

  174. pam collier says:

    Having had 6 previous interviews with various organisations, the feedback I got was mainly positive, but I always came 2nd and was pipped at the post each time. Because of this I was going for a job I really wanted with a large organisation and wanted to be number 1. After searching the web I came across Elizabeth for which I am extremely grateful. Elizabeth wasn’t in my area so after speaking we decided on a 2 hour Skype
    session which was brilliant. The points we went through and the mock interview even the way I was dressed was brilliant, so much so I went into the interview feeling very professional and confident. Not only did I get the job I was offered a better role than what I had applied for and without the professional help from Elizabeth I would not have achieved that. So I can,t praise and thank Elizabeth enough. A lovely lady that instilled me with confidence and belief. My email address is [email protected] should anyone wish to email me about anything if they are considering using the interviewskillsclinic, but I can highly recommend their services..

    Thank you again for everything. A very happy Pam

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Pam. You absolutely deserve the job and I’m delighted that the interview panel saw the tremendous range of skills you had to offer. What a completely new challenge this will be for you! Keep in touch and let me know what happens.

  175. Aiveen says:

    I got in touch with Elizabeth as I was lacking in confidence and was actually afraid I would not be able to speak in an interview for a very competitive internal promotion process. There was also a presentation part of the assessment. We had a consultation and Elizabeth recommended a three hour session to include presentation coaching. Elizabeth had researched the organisation and the competencies assessed. She conducted an interview and identified my rehearsal of answers was a problem. I was very nervous as I had only a few days to prepare, Elizabeth put me at ease by moving to the presentation and started again on the interview when I was more comfortable. She is set against rehearsing answers and helped me move from this style. Something that gave me confidence was her telling me that I had a lovely conversational style. Elizabeth helped me thoroughly prepare for the interview and presentation with her realistic interview session so much so that I actually found the real one quite a pleasant experience. I got the job so clearly it was worth it. I would use her in future but next time would book the session as soon as I knew I would be interviewed. I have already recommended her to colleagues.

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Aiveen thank you. I know it was tough for you but you made it. You were just fearful because you cared so much! Good luck with the promotion and thanks for the recommendation.

  176. Denise says:

    Thank you so much. Elizabeth, your caring and constructive advice meant that I was well-prepared and more able to confidently answer questions in a structured, thoughtful and meaningful way. Many thanks.

  177. Allison says:

    Hi Elizabeth – just wanted to say a huge thank you. After our initial coaching session I felt much better prepared for the interviews, I had 2 interviews – but unfortunately did not get either post. Feedback was good, I gave good answers etc etc, but there was just someone better than me on the day. Despite feeling disheartened I continued to apply and I managed to get 2 more interviews, this time I was a lot more relaxed and remembered all you said about the questions they could ask. I was able to deal with the ad hoc questions because of your prep and I am pleased to say I was offered BOTH of these jobs and had to make a decision. I would 100% use you again as you really know your stuff – I would also advise anyone out there looking for a role that no matter what happens you have to keep on trying. Look what happened to me!

    • elizabeth elizabeth says:

      Thank you Allison. A Relationship Manager is a great role for you. I’m sure it will go well on the 20th, keep in touch.

  178. Colombe V. says:

    Dear Elizabeth, when I called you to tell you that I’d been chosen for this Media Coordinator role in Geneva, I truly believed that without your help I wouldn’t have had it. Three things have made you outstanding as an interview coach. Firstly, you taught me how to answer basic interview questions, and what interviewers were looking for behind each of their questions; so I was able to put all my efforts in preparing for this interview, something I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t known how to prepare. Secondly you were always available to speak after each interview, eager to know how it had gone and providing free advice on how to prepare for the next steps. And most importantly, you restored my confidence which had severely suffered from months of working as an under-paid assistant. I am now responsible for developing the media strategy of an incredible human rights organisation, and will have my own assistants to help me! This still feels like a dream, and I can say with confidence that without you I wouldn’t have been able to realise it. I have already spoken about you to many of my friends and family, and will definitely keep your contact close for whenever I need to improve my communication skills, whether to prepare for a presentation or later in the next stages of my career. THANK YOU

    • elizconley elizconley says:

      Hi Colombe, I’m glad it’s going so well and thanks for your idea to get this direct feedback feature on my site. I hope it give more credibility and trust to visitors.

  179. A Gupta says:

    I was clueless when I received a call for an interview in a Structural Engineering firm. As an international student, it was essential that I stood out from the crowd in order to secure a job. My first graduate job interview would not have been this polished had I not come across Elizabeth’s interview coaching. It was tailored to my needs and the exercises really boosted my confidence. I received a lot of positive feedback from the interviewers! I would highly recommend it as it made a massive difference to my interview skills.

  180. Patrick says:

    I have just got offered the role I wanted. The service good and highly professional with a personal touch. It was worth the money as it helped build my confidence and taught the fundamentals, I needed to know for interviews. I would recommend this service to any one who wish to gain an advantage to get the job they want. I was highly impressed by the research that Elizabeth did for my role.

  181. Clare says:

    I was in two minds as to whether interview coaching would make much of a difference but after a chat with Elizabeth I felt that she completely understood my interview nerves and lack of confidence and crucially knew how to turn it around. I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for her support and assistance. She revolutionised my interview preparation, hugely increased my confidence and put me in good stead for my upcoming interviews. I only wish that I’d gone to her sooner and saved months of failed interviews because we dramatically improved my interview performance and I received a job offer shortly after our sessions. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth – she is worth every penny!

  182. Martin says:

    Failed an interview miserably one week, had a 1:1 session with Elizabeth the next week, got offered a job 2 hours after another interview the following week.

    The success of that interview was a direct result of Elizabeths training, which enabled me to prepare really well and I was so much more confident going in. As a freelance Project Manager in Financial Services, being successful in interviews is a necessity, so can’t say thanks enough.

    I also now have my stack of interview prep cards and Elizabeths guidance notes to put in the toolkit for next time, no doubt I’ll need to come back for a refresher when this contract is coming to an end!

  183. Ashleigh says:

    I was very nervous before my interview and found Elizabeth online via this website, got in touch with her and never looked back! I sent her my job description, and based on that she devised questions for me to practice. She was able to give me advice on areas to improve, and several questions that we practised together actually came up in my interview. I can’t recommend her enough, she prepared me in every way possible for my interview (at short notice) and I found it so beneficial as my nerves on the day were much more controlled than I expected. It was excellent preparation and complete value for money in my book, as I was offered the job! I have recommended her to my colleagues who applied for the same position but failed, as I feel she made all the difference. I had an interview in January which I didn’t feel went very well, but came out of this interview full of confidence and knowing I had done everything I could possibly do. If you really want the job book a session with Elizabeth!

    • elizconley elizconley says:

      Ashleigh what a lovely thing to say. Remember you always had the same skills I just gave you the confidence to promote your skills in the interview. Enjoy the job.

  184. Andrea says:

    I would like to start my feedback saying that is definitely worth it!

    Very professional and at the same time relaxed meeting. She researched beforehand about the company you want to join so that the preparation interview resembles the most to the one expected. Her knowledge about the qualities required by the candidates is very accurate and her advices if followed will definitely get you the job you are looking for.

    There is always something to improve and I am sure she will know what will make you better, boosting your confidence and making you realise how much little and subtle thing are important to be successful.

  185. Tim says:

    I spent four hours with Elizabeth, working on my presentation and interview skills, ahead of an assessment centre for a solicitor’s training contract. Elizabeth was able to tell me exactly where I needed to improve and (more importantly) gave me confidence in the skills that I had but doubted.

    There is nothing like practice as preparation and these sessions are a great investment when you consider the potential reward for performing at your best during the interview. I secured the training contract and would recommend this training to anyone.

    • elizconley elizconley says:

      Thank you Tim. You worked hard but it was worth it. You’ll have some great opportunities on the legal trainee scheme. Enjoy.

  186. Ross Colman says:

    I found my interview sessions with Elizabeth to be very useful. The questions were tailored to replicate the company that was going to interview me. Elizabeth provided much useful feedback on my body language, tone and structure of my answers. I saw the improvement in my interview technique very early on and I’m pleased to say that I’ve recently gained a fantastic position on a teacher training scheme, with the view for me to work full time at the school afterwards. Thanks Elizabeth!

  187. Jo says:

    The 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Elizabeth where the best . My role was being made redundant and I had not been for a interview for seven years . I rang Elizabeth and from the first call she was a pleasure to deal with.
    Always remember my first session and thinking I can’t do this . I will never be able to sit a interview but all the coaching and how to answer questions etc really paid off.
    I saw improvement every time and elizabeth made me feel confident about myself.
    I had 3 sessions and it was money well spent. I learnt so much about myself and I secured promotion which I’m still In shock about.
    Having not been for a interview for seven years and getting the first job I applied for was amazing!
    Thank you for all your help Elizabeth

  188. Craig Barker says:

    After trying to get a graduate job for over a year within two months of working with Elizabeth I have been accepted on an excellent graduate scheme. Elizabeth completely changed how I approached interviews as well as helping me improve my CV and covering letters. I used to dread interviews and saw them as stressful rather than positive experiences, This has changed since I have had coaching. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone and am very grateful to her for helping me have more confidence and reach my full potential.

  189. Elizabeth Eden says:

    Thank you very much to Elizabeth, the coaching was incredibly helpful in building up my confidence and also in teaching me how to properly prepare for an interview. I managed to get the first job that I applied for following the coaching, so am very grateful for the training I received.

    • Alex says:

      Elizabeth is not only an outstanding coach, she will give you the best advice, preparation and coaching you need to be at your best during all your interviews. What impressed me the most was the rapidity she can see the weakness in my answers. The advice, coaching and recommendations she teaches are on target and proved invaluable as I went through the various interviews. It was a real privilege and pleasure to be coached by Elizabeth
      I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for the work you did with me in preparing for my airline interviews were I was successful.
      Thank you again for your great work with me.

      • elizabeth elizabeth says:

        Thanks Alex, sorry for my delay I’ve been away for a week. When I fly next I shall be listening out for your voice! You made a huge commitment to be a pilot, a career change, location and investment in your own training. I am pleased to have been able to help you at the final stage. I so pleased for you!

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